First Glimpse – The Cover And Some Intro Text To My Book on the Daisy Zick Murder


For those of you that have been tracking what I write (both of you) you are aware of my latest true crime project:  Murder in Battle Creek – The Mysterious Death of Daisy Zick.  I’m doing this book with The History Press and it has been an exciting rollercoaster ride.  Most of the time books like this take a year or so to go from submission to printing – but this one has been a matter of weeks.  The reason is relatively simple:  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the killing.  It’s hard to ignore such an event for the sake of a publication schedule.

My writing is a passion and this book spoke to me on a lot of levels.  I was raised in Wattles Park outside of Battle Creek where the crime took place.  I am a big believer that true crime is a form of history and writing about the area where I was raised is always appealing.

The downside is that this crime remains unsolved.  To be blunt, my wife expressed concerns.  After all, this was a savage crime and the criminal was never brought to justice.  She was worried about my safety.  I wasn’t.  After all, even if the killer was in his 20’s or 30’s in 1963 – he or she would be in their 70’s or 80’s now.

It is the fact that the crime remains open that presented a challenge to me as a writer and a rare opportunity for readers.  The challenge came from the fact that I needed to present the facts from my interviews and reading the case file.  With the case unsolved and frigidly cold, there is a chance that the readers themselves may know that vital bit of evidence that helps bring it closure.  This book is a journey for us together to solve a mystery.

When the publisher asked if I wanted someone to write the forward I did – Dr. David Schock.  I will be writing more about this incredible man in another post.  Suffice it to say, when it comes to cold cases in Michigan, David is a bit of a legend.  Check out his site  I’ve ordered a copy of his new bestselling book, Judicial Deceit and trust me, if you live in Michigan, you should too.

The folks at have posted the cover of the book and you can read some of the material from the book right now.  I invite you to check it out.

The week of August 19 I will be in Michigan doing book tour events talking about the book and signing copies.  More on that later.  In the meantime, let me know what you think of the sample posted on Amazon.

6 thoughts on “First Glimpse – The Cover And Some Intro Text To My Book on the Daisy Zick Murder

  1. Todd Vaughan

    My parents bought that house in 1970
    We lived there until 1981. I found out about the murder in True Detective magazine when I was 9(1979). My parents rarely talked about probably because of my age and of my younger brother. Looking forward to reading your work.

  2. Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

    Todd – fascinating. I really wanted to go into the home but was warned that the current owners are less-than-happy about the publicity tied to their property. I didn’t reach out to them directly, but understand their thinking.

  3. Marie (Fales) Tungate

    I’m looking forward to the finished product, I hope that any comments or informations I gave was helpful in your writing..

    1. Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

      Marie…so good to hear from you. I wasn’t able to use the photographs in the book, but I’m hoping to use them in my presentation (if that is okay). I did use the information you provided me. One reviewer already commented to me about how eerie it must have been for you to drive that car!

      1. Marie Tungate

        You may use the pics. Thank you so much for your attention to this crime and the people who were collateral damage from it.. I look forward to further communication.

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