My Latest True Crime Book – Murder in Battle Creek – Releases This Week


Daisy Zick – 1950

This week my latest true crime book, Murder in Battle Creek – The Mysterious Death of Daisy Zick, starts shipping.  It usually takes a few days for this to work its way through the distribution pipeline.  Unfortunately I’m going to be out of pocket for most of the week; meaning that many of you will see the final book before I do.

I have to admit, I get a little excited when a book like this finally starts getting read.  This book is a little more exciting for me.  I’ve written true crime books before and am working on one right now.  What sets this one apart is that this crime remains unsolved.

I always feel I take my readers on a journey through time and space.  Having written historical books before, I know I need to put the reader in the community where this crime took place – and in this case, back to the year 1963.  This journey is different though.  Unlike a traditional true crime book where I’m able to tie a bow on it with the conviction of the murderer, this crime remains open to this day.  The trip I take the reader on is right beside me, attempting to make sense out of a half-century old case file and interviews.  At the end of this trip, we end up at the same place – each with our own opinion as to who may have committed this brutal killing.  I know some readers will go to the places in this book and I hope some will take up the quest themselves to bring final justice to Daisy’s family.  We will walk down this path together, but as a writer, I can only take you so far.

In the past I always change the names of some of the people involved.  Some true crime authors do this, some don’t.  In this case, I opted to use their real names.  My reason is this case is still unsolved.  The use of the real names may trigger a memory, or a story, or the ever-elusive tip that could help the Michigan State Police close this case.  The mention of people does not imply their guilt or even association with the crime – it simply means that their names came up during the investigation.  I am sure that some people will be offended by this – “How could my father/grandfather have been named?”  I’m not passing judgment nor should the reader.  The facts of the case are what they are.  If you want to see the details, anyone can file a FOIA and pay the copying costs to get a copy of the case file.

Daisy’s murder is still a topic of discussion in Calhoun County Michigan.  It elicits theories, speculation, and stories to this day.  Every time I’ve been in Battle Creek working on this book, people have reached out to me with their theories.  For some reason they are more comfortable talking to an author than the police.  Please be assured however, I share the credible tips with the proper authorities.

I’ll be doing a lot of speaking events in August about the book – giving folks enough time to read it.  I hope you’ll join me when I’m back in Michigan.  I’ll be talking about the things I didn’t include in the book (and why) and provide even more photographs and material than it was practical to put in the book.

Right now (subject to change) I’ll be speaking at:

Monday, August 19: Heritage Monday Night series with the Battle Creek Historical Society. 6 p.m. at the Kimball House Museum.

Tuesday, August 20, Schuler Books in Grand Rapids at 7:00 p.m.

Wednesday, August 21: Ann Arbor District Library 7-8:30 p.m.

Thursday, August 22, Battle Creek’s Willard Library 7:00 p.m.

Friday, August 23: Book signing @ Barnes & Noble Kalamazoo, 4-6 p.m.

Saturday, August 24: Book signing @ Barnes & Noble Battle Creek, 2-6 p.m.

I invite you to pop in, say hello, and tell me your story.  You can follow this blog to see updates and additions.  Remember, we’re on this journey together!

25 thoughts on “My Latest True Crime Book – Murder in Battle Creek – Releases This Week

  1. Brenda Roubos

    Hello, I have read Many True Crime books, mostly by Ann Rule. I noticed a large amount of of her stories are about the Washington/Seattle area. Are or would you be more focused on the East side of U.S.? There are several more (not as old as this Murder of Miss Zick) UNsolved murders in and very close to Battle Creek. I would hate to think “the ball got dropped” but… Bridget Vincent, she was found murdered in her apartment on Stringham road (corner of W. Michigan and Stringham) that was in the late 80’s. Then another in Bedford Township, at Barney’s Bar, she was the closing bartender, Sharon Watson, she was stabbed MANY MANY tmes

    1. Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

      My concentration is in Michigan and/or Virginia at this time in terms of the true crime subjects I write about.

  2. Although my comments will mostly be aimed towards the Murder Of Daisy Zick, I just must start by replying to Brenda`s post in regards to Sharon Watson. Sharon`s murder has went to trial. Hattie Mae Tanner was convicted, although others were involved.

    As to Daisy Zick, I was taken aback when the references to Daisy being stabbed repeatedly in the “left breast “. Obviously this was a crime of passion, therefore, it would only make sense the killer was infact stabbing her in the heart & tearing her heart out the way she had his. Just my opinion.

  3. Oh, my, I got so caught up in answering another post I really failed to finish mine. In my opinion, the killer was not trying to stab Daisy specifically in the left breast, but in the heart. The reason, to tear her heart out as she had done his, as I stated earlier.
    I was surprised that not once did anyone mention that stabbing one with such force could very easily have caused the murderer to suffer a sprained / broken / cut – wrist / hand, thereby forcing the killer to use the other hand.
    I as well have a problem with the theory that this crime could have been committed by a woman as whoever done this ” had challenges controlling Daisy “. The blow to the back of her head does not suggest this theory. And as the yellow fibers were found in that area, obviously whoever wore those gloves delivered that blow. This appears as a conflicting statement in itself.
    I would have loved further information such as, was it ever determined what the smudge marks on Daisy`s panties & blouse sleeve were ? I`m confused in regards to if her brown pants were actually pulled down 6 inches or was just the zipper jammed ? How did the smudge marks get on her panties if it was just the zipper jammed or her pants only slightly down ? As meticulous as Daisy was, I seriously doubt she`d of put on smudged panties after bathing, not to mention the smudge mark left on her blouse as well. Was the smudge mark left by the killer ? If so, is this a tell tale sign the killer tormented Daisy moments before he finished killing her ? Maybe to scare, embarrass or show his dominance over her ? And then there’s the smudge mark on her sleeve. I cannot help but ask myself if maybe the killer might have started to leave, went out the door to the garage, accidentally brushed up against the car, returned inside { maybe to retrieve the car keys } and the smudges were from him brushing against the car ? Maybe he went back in & realized Daisy was still breathing & he taunted her, leaving the smudge marks & than he stood over her repeatedly stabbing her ? It was said blood was found on the Even with gloves on, this type of brutal stabbing most certainly would have cut the killer as well. The gloves, they had to of been covered in blood, yet there is no mention of any blood being found in or on Daisy`s purse ? Nor was there any mention of fingerprints on her purse. Did the killer remove the bloody gloves to get into the purse ? If not, how did he mange this task without leaving any blood in or on the purse or the purse contents found on the bed ? And why wasn`t there any blood on the door knob leading to the door the killer left through ?
    Another issue I have is law enforcement believes this was an intentional & thought out murder, yet the killer did not bring a murder weapon ?

    1. Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

      Bill – your comments are quite detailed. One officer did comment to me that whoever had done this may have cut their hand – but given the technology of the time, it would have been impossible to determine this. One thing is for sure, the gloves he/she wore would have been soaked in blood. To your point, they would have had to be removed if he/she went through the purse after Daisy’s death. It could be he dumped it while she was tied up on the bed, before her final struggle.

      The evidence in this case doesn’t paint a clear picture. As Gary Hough pointed out, Daisy’s killer may have come with the specific intent of killing her, or simply of having a confrontation with her that got out of control – grabbing the knife in the kitchen. If that was the case, why not drive to the house? Why be dropped off or walk there?

      I’m curious…out of the information provided…who do you think is the most likely suspect?

      1. I was leaning towards Wm. Daily, but not 100%. Although he had some odd quirks that would cause suspicion, And he definitely raised many red flags. Yet he was an odd ball in all his life style & choices. He cannot be left out as the circumstantial evidence is great. By today’s standards, I believe he would most certainly of been in front of a grand jury at the least. Wm. Daily stalking Daisy is also not a lost thought, Especially remembering those odd phone calls for so long. Mr Wood not coming forward until later is not surprising to me. I believe he told the truth. Something I believe others failed to do.
        I must admit my puzzlement over Albert Cooley & his brother`s reactions. However, this may be as simple as they had a lot of dirty dealings, other than this murder & felt the polygraph would bring forth this information. I realize Albert committing suicide that same night looks as guilt, but I`m swaying towards clearing these brothers of this crime. In my opinion, this was a crime of pure passion. I feel the killer was tearing her heart out. It`s just a gut feeling, but I seriously do not believe these brothers were actually involved, unless it was to help the killer get away from where the car was left. This is a strong feeling.
        Nor am I comfortable with a police detective leaving, prints at 2 separate murder scenes. Yet I do not include him at the top of my list.
        I do have strong feelings in regards to John Blodgett. Although he passed a polygraph & it was not his print on the rear view mirror, I tend to believe that print is most misleading.
        Were any of the prints lifted from the home ever connected to the print on the rear view mirror of the car ? Was Daisy`s purse, checkbook or wallet ever tested for prints ? It only seems logical that either a print or blood would most certainly of had to of been left on these items. Just as with the door knob leading out of the home as well as on the cars exterior & interior door handles. I have strong feelings that the killers blood must be among the evidence. Stabbing someone that viciously, that many times, had to of left some form of cut to the killer, even with gloves on. It would not surprise me the killers DNA is among an item in evidence. Daisy was meticulous, she had just taken a bath, surely any foreign hairs or prints are the murderers. If nothing else, I feel the blood on the spoilage knife ,could be tested today. Even if it does not lead to the murderer, we`d be one step closer in knowing if this was in fact, the murder weapon. If DNA proved this to be human blood, then my next step would be to compare all blood samples to that. I`m not saying this would give us the murderer, but like law enforcement is constantly telling the public, even if what you saw or know may not mean anything to you, it could possibly be the clue to solving this case. I wondered if Daisy worked the night before her murder ? If so, how late ? Did she return home from work late night to cut up a chicken ? Then leave just the knife to be washed the next day ? I doubt this. Another reason to test the blood on that knife. If it is the murder weapon, perhaps the killer tried to clean the knife before putting it into the basket in the sink, yet as he had a cut himself, this left that small amount of blood at the blunt edge ?
        I believe this case can be solved. I believe the evidence lays in storage to this day. I as well believe a lack of funding has preventing the tests needed to solve this case.
        Daisy, in my opinion, was murdered either by an X lover or someone who fantasized & obsessed over her. I agree this was something the murderer thought about for some time before acting upon it. However, if the spoilage knife IS the murder weapon, than it only stands to reason he had beliefs his approach to her that day might very likely be accepted. Otherwise, he`d of brought his own rope & weapon. And I doubt he`d of risked being seen driving her car.

      2. Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

        The mysterious phone calls seemed to be cruel pranks to me. Why call the DeFrance house? Why tell her as the neighbor? What made them creepy was that they took place so many years after the murder.

        Now Daisy and Floyd were getting threatening phone calls for a long period of time prior to her murder. Those calls, in my mind, were related to her death.

        Circumstantial evidence carries a lot of weight. A former prosecutor told me that most cases are won in the real world on circumstantial evidence.

  4. Bill

    The phone calls prior to Daisy`s death & possibly even shortly after, in my opinion, were from the murderer. I believe this killer did have an affair with Daisy, at some point. Earlier than suspected. He never got over it & she never thought twice about him after they parted ways. They may have remained friends in Daisy`s mind. Or she may have suspected the calls prior to her death were from him. If this were true, I would not be surprised to learn Audrey was aware of this. This in itself could be a clue as to who the murderer is. Audrey`s actions showed she was adamant about avoiding any interrogation or polygraph. If the murderer were of a highly respected nature in the community, or someone she feared, perhaps she felt she would not be believed, or that this may have caused her problems. I doubt she`d of wanted the killer to know she held this secret. The calls years later may have been an old man who no longer held the power he had years before. Or perhaps he, like many other murderers, just couldn`t leave it alone.
    If it were indeed Wm. Daily, he was always odd. He may have continued to obsess & fantasize.
    At any rate, Audrey did her best, at every turn, to avoid any questioning. Secrets, intimidation, fear, lack of trust, even trust in law enforcement, often tends to lead many into silence. Many feel law enforcement will not believe them if what they tell doesn`t fit with law enforcements theories.
    Audrey`s letter to Hough is telling in many forms. She replies to make it appear as if she is on the up & up, however, I believe her letter says a lot if broken down and scrutinized.
    Audrey wants Daisy`s case solved, as they were dear friends. However, she explains how difficult it would be to go over ANY part of the case, with anyone. Hoping Hough will back away once more. She then goes on to offer she was asked 5 years back to take a polygraph, which she never really says why this wasn`t done. Was she actually asked even asked 5 years ago ? I take from this that Audrey is making a false pretense of not having a problem doing so. Yet nothing came of it ? She then tries to sway Hough or fake indignation by commenting, none of the other investigators thought this was necessary. However, we know Moore wanted her to take the polygraph, as did others. Audrey continues to dance around how to handle this with how sweet others were to her, they even had a picture of Daisy enlarged for her. She explains she goes to pieces easily since her husbands death, ( her way of justifying running out of an interrogation should another take place ). For good measure, she agrees to try to help, but she will not be back in Michigan until late April. Did Audrey ever make the trip back ? Was there ever any further follow up with her ? I believe Audrey knew from day one a great deal more than she ever let on. This letter was not one of someone willing to do whatever they could;d to help solve a friends murder. This was a reluctant individual using her words carefully.
    You asked me once who I thought the murderer was. I was hesitant to say what I`m about to. Why ? I wondered how it would be perceived. I honestly do believe it was a highly respected person. One who had some pull in the community. Or someone with enough money to buy him the confidence ( fake or real ), in his ability get things done. Someone Daisy had had an affair with way before the murder. I think Audrey knew who this was. Even if she wasn`t 100 % sure it was him, she definitely thought it very well could have been.
    I believe he did not act alone. He thought this out, up to a point. He may not have planned on murder. He had someone pick him up or he met with them, close by where he dropped the car off. This might explain the erratic driving ?
    Perhaps he was dropped off or walked a short distance to Daisy`s as he was worried someone would see & recognize him, not because he planned to murder her that day, but because of who he was ? Perhaps he thought he could get Daisy to drop him off so he wouldn`t be recognized ? Whoever it was knew her schedule. I lean towards thinking he halfway trusted whoever he met with after the murder, if only because he felt no one would believe that person or he`d bought him off, had dirt on him, or could cause him great problems, all of which would explain Cooley`s suicide.
    As far as the hair style goes, he`s just committed murder, naturally his hair is not going to be combed nicely. I can almost see him running his fingers through it now.

    1. Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

      I too think the caller to the Zick home had something to do with the crime. I think someone was stalking Daisy for some time.

      Ralph Kartheau and I spoke at length about Audrey. No one alive today can remember if her story of waiting for Daisy was ever confirmed. Ralph pointed out that they really leaned away from thinking it was a woman as the killer. Yet, it was possible. I certainly can’t completely rule it out. Audrey as a killer is fascinating. I’m glad you caught the way she worded her letter to Gary Hough. That was why I included it in the book. I struggle to think Audrey was the killer, but I worry that the police squandered a chance to get more information out of her.

      I have settled on the thinking that the murderer was driven to the Zick home or near it. There was no one that saw him/her walking along Michigan Ave. or on Wattles Road. On a day that cold, in the winter, in 1963 (before cell phones) someone would have stopped and offered a person walking along those roads a ride. Unless they looked like they belonged there – like a postman…

      Even if the killer wasn’t dropped off, did they return to their car or to a friend’s waiting vehicle. Garrett Vander Meer said it appeared like the driver was looking for something. What? Their car? A friend’s car?

  5. Bill

    I would have to agree as well that the killer was driven close to Daisy`s home. Perhaps as close as the corner of Juno & Wattles ? What I struggle with the most at this point is the fact that their were 2 separate persons who witnessed the driver of her car that day, so why were these 2 witness`s not shown photo`s of Wm. Daily, along with a few other leads ?
    I wonder if the blood on the spoilage knife could be tested now & at least compared to Daisy`s DNA ?
    I had a rather interesting chat while at the book store the other day. We were discussing your book when the woman told me she actually lived next door to Daisy at the time of the murder. She says she was a young child of 7 to 9 yr old a the time. What she remembers the most is how she was so afraid after the murder that every time she`d ride her bike afterwards, she`d peddle as fast as she could past 100 Juno for fear someone would jump out & grab her. However, she also told me she had a lot of brothers & that a couple of them were taken in for questioning. She told that it was a known fact that Daisy had a system where she would leave her side of the garage door opened whenever she expected a suitor to let them know the coast was clear & Floyd was away ?
    I thought this might be of interest to you seeings as you`ll be at the book store where she works Aug. 24th. ? She went on to say that she wasn`t sure what all is in the police reports, but that the entire block was buzzing about how every room in the house had blood splatters ? She claims Daisy was stabbed a lot more than 20 to 25 times. Actually, the conversation got quite detailed. I as well remembered you mentioning how the stories grew with each telling, so to say. I`ve bought of this book so far. I just didn`t have the heart to part with my own & my mother wanted to read it, so I returned to purchase one for her. My mother is 78 yr old now & remembers this murder & was dating a man who worked at Kellogg`s at the time of this murder. She also had some interesting stories she had been told.

  6. Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

    Bill – this is the kind of stuff I love chatting about. I initially thought that the killer would have walked to the Zick home, but on that day, with that weather, someone was bound to have offered them a ride. Who knows, maybe somebody did and never realized they had driven the killer? I think your suggestion of someone dropping them off is likely.

    In terms of the young girl neighbor, I hope to meet her! I am pretty sure I got the wound-count correct – but I’m sure the locals told bigger tales. I was most interested in the concept of leaving her door open as a signal. That NEVER appeared in the police reports. Who knows?

  7. Bill

    This is just a thought, I have given consideration to Albert Colley`s suicide & I cannot help but wonder if perhaps he had given the murderer a ride close to Daisy`s, then the murderer left Daisy`s car close by Cooley`s girl friends home so he could walk there to get a ride out of there ? I`ve as well considered if the killer may have indeed left his own car ( light grey ) between Evanston & E. Michigan, as Mrs, Maude Brooker stated ? I`m not comfortable with the latter. I`m not sure why, maybe I`m just trying to make sense of Cooley`s suicide ? I`ve even went as far as giving consideration to Enoch Chism. Perhaps he had heard the rumors of Daisy`s affairs at Kellogg`s & decided to drop in on her that morning ? However, that still does not give a reason for Cooley`s suicide. For some reason, it just feels that the suicide of Albert & the attempted suicide of his brother are somehow related. Like they knew more & were fearful of the polygraph. I do NOT believe either of the Cooley brothers were the murderer, however I am leaning towards them somehow playing a role, like giving the true murderer a ride. As far as that goes, I`m of the belief that Albert was the actual one who gave the killer a ride & perhaps his brother simply had knowledge of this. I do believe they either feared this murderer, maybe because he was very respected in the community, maybe they were aware of just how violent this person truly was ? I do wish the State Of Michigan would at least do the DNA testing on the spoilage knife. I honestly believe murderers DNA is among some of the evidence still remaining. I also wish we knew why Mr. Vander Meer & Mr Wood were never shown any photo`s of any of the suspects ? Was Mr Wood ever shown or spoken to in regards to the police composite given by Mr Vander Meer ? I realize most investigators grabbed onto the hair style, however, I can almost see a murderer running his hands through his hair after such a battle.
    I hope you get a chance to met & speak to the woman who works where you`ll be Aug. 24th.

    1. Bill

      On another thought, does it say in any of the police reports if that black wing tipped shoe appeared as if it had been in that air duct for a while ? Was it dusty ? How would it have been left behind by the murderer or gotten into the duct ? I of the belief this show may have been in that air duct for a long time before the murder. By any chance, do you still have access to the police reports ? Do you remember reading anything on the shoe ?
      I so wish the investigators would have thought to have Vander Meer & Mr Wood get a look at Wm. Daily among others.

      1. Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

        The wingtip shoe was never in the reports, but Ralph Katheau told me about it. From the description, it had been there a while. Strange thing to be found…

    2. Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

      From what I have read in the police reports, at no time were either Mr. Vander Meer or Mr. Wood shown a photograph of the suspects. Mr. Vander Meer was the source of the composite sketch.

      The DNA testing of the knife intrigues me, but even if you got results, that would probably not be enough legally to go out and start digging up suspects.

  8. Bill

    I`ve been speaking with a friend who just finished the book also. She brought up a very interesting thought. If Mrs. DeFrance saw the murderer at Daisy Zick`s breezeway door that day, wouldn`t she have noticed if this was Wm. Daily, the mailman ? It only stands to reason that he was her mailman as well.

    1. Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

      Bill – if you look at the photos in the book, the DeFrance home was a long ways away – on a snowy day at that. She saw the killer from behind. Having walked out there, I doubt I could identify anyone at that distance. Think about this – can you identify your postman right now? How many of us recognize them?

  9. A friend has just finished reading Murder In Battle Creek & as we compare notes, we both agree Daisy`s car was more than likely left on E. Michigan closer to the 11:20 a.m. time frame. We agree as we`re both mothers & realize just how important it is to keep track of when you give your child a medicine & having a child with a heart condition, you`d really keep good timing. We believe the Steen`s time of 11:00 a.m. could very well of been off by 15 to 20 minutes, making it around the 11:20 a.m. time frame. It`s a shame Fred Richie didn`t notice the time when he passed the Zick car on the way taking the prisoner to court.
    My friend Paula, her father was brought in for questioning on this case as the police had discovered a bill where he had just repaired their TV days before the murder.
    I would like to ask a few questions. Do you know if Audrey is still alive ? I wonder if she had children ? I would not be surprised to learn she had cleared her conscious before passing away to one of her children, as far as how much she did know. Not that I believe she was the murderer, I do not.
    Was Daisy still wearing her wedding ring ? I noticed in the book it states the police reports says it did not appear as if anything had been gone through so they doubted it was a robbery, however, in some of the pictures I did notice drawers opened on chest & another on her vanity.
    I took stock of the evidence still in police custody & wondered why fibers from a blue pair of pants from her closet was chosen to go into evidence as well as green fibers from a plaid skirt along with a terry cloth towel & the cloth bag ? None of these items were ever mentioned ?
    Going back through the book for my 3rd time, I wonder now why Daisy was behind the Hi Fi ? At first reading I had assumed she had possibly ran to the spare room & perhaps was trying to hide there, but now I realize this was not the case at all. Did she pull it out trying to shield herself or was she stuffed behind it ? Was this piece of furniture fingerprinted by chance ? And were the 12 prints discovered in the house ever matched up & accounted for ? I am confounded by the fact that as meticulous as Daisy was, why was there a stack of records on the bed ?
    Lastly, as to Wm. Daily, was Juno Road a rural route for postal services in 1963 ? I thought surely this was so ? But even at that, did the postal workers not have a dress code, so to say where they wore the blue coats & hats with the Postal Service emblems ? These were a lighter blue if I`m not mistaken ? I cannot imagine the detectives not asking others on the same route if their mail was on time that day or check with the post office to make sure Wm Daily returned at his normal time ? I`m just having a hard time of believing he could commit such a bloody murder, then get cleaned up,re dressed in other clothing & bandage any wounds, as I`m sure whoever the killer was surely had battle wounds, comb his hair back into that style, drive her car down E. Michigan Ave. park it & then go back to delivering mail all within a small time frame of his tardiness not becoming an issue.I so wish we could have gotten a chance to see a copy of the composite that Mr VanderMeer gave. I too have been out to Juno Road, several times now. If the DeFrance home was the house across the street, I see no reason, even if snowing, why Mrs DeFrance could not have noticed if it was her mailman or unless her age and or eye sight played a part in this disability ? Maybe because I am from the small town of Marshall, Michigan, but back in the 1960`s, most people not only knew their mailmen, but were mostly on friendly terms with them. I remain good friends with my mail lady to this day. I realize there`s a rather large tree that hinders the sight of the breezeway now, but 50 years ago that tree was much smaller. Still, it could have obstructed someone`s view somewhat. I must admit, I`m very concerned that law enforcement perhaps were blinded, if only enough to allow the true murderer to escape, with tunnel vision as far as Wm Daily goes. However, this is simply my opinion. Law Enforcement surely wasted several opportunities by not having Mr VanderMeer & Mr Wood not get a look at their suspects.
    As for the DNA on the spoilage knife, while it may not tell us who the actual murderer is, it would tell us if it were Daisy`s or not. If not, we would at least have the murderers DNA. Many things can be done nowadays with DNA, right down to testing known family members who would want their family members name cleared once & for all, A lot of time has passed. Some might be receptive to this ?

    1. Author and Historian Blaine L. Pardoe

      The police reports mentioned the TV repair man and the recent repair. I didn’t include it (and about a dozen other things) because I didn’t think it added to the book and would make it a longer read.

      I think a test of the knife for DNA would be useful if only to determine if it was indeed the murder weapon. I can tell you from my own experience, a lot of families will not line up to have name cleared. Remember, there’s a risk that it might seal the case against them or a relative. Also, the Michigan State Police have limited funds to apply to cold cases, which sounds harsh, but is a factor to consider.

  10. Becki Lima

    Albert Cooley and his brother were my Uncles. I was just a baby when the murder happened and a little over a year old when he killed himself. We had always heard growing up that he killed himself over a woman, however I never heard anything about this murder or his possible involvement. I do believe my other uncle may have attempted to kill himself just being distraught over his brother’s death and he may very well have found him. They were very close and it was his station that Uncle Albert killed himself in. I do find it very interesting that on the very day he was talked to by the police he killed himself. I would like to believe that he didn’t do it, more so for his kids, he had a wife and three kids that he left behind. I don’t believe my other uncle had anything to do with it at all. He just wasn’t that type of person. I really don’t know about Uncle Albert like I said I was only a year old when it happened so I really didn’t have a chance to get to know him.

  11. Michelle Long

    I have looked up your website because I am looking for information on a cold case on Bridget Vincent. Before I clicked on your website I seen her name so I thought I could find some information on website but have not been able to find anything.

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