A Few More Tid Bits From My Book Tour for Murder in Battle Creek



I’m still getting in bits and pieces from my book tour, scouring my notes, etc..  All of this while I am starting on another book – this one on the tale of Sawney Bean.

One thing I found stuck in my notebook came from Carlos – a sketch of the interior of the Zick home. If I recall correctly, he played there as a child.  I know a lot of folks who have read my book wanted to see the interior – but this is a pretty good rendering.

Today I received two other little gems.  One, the NPR interview I did with Cynthia Canty. You can play the interview if so inclined.  NPR Interview

This also came in – an interview I did on Ann Arbor local TV.  TV Interview

The book still continues to sell and draw attention – which is great.  That means that there’s still a chance that the right tip might come in that helps officials close this case!

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