Update on Book Projects


The ebook of The FIres of October (Operation Scabbards – The planned US invasion of Cuba in 1962) is out and the hardcopies of the book are on their way from the UK.  I’m pleased to say that the book has already hit an Amazon.com bestseller list.  I must admit that I am chomping at the bit to see the physical book.

After considerable research, I’m finally starting writing a new book, Neverwars, for Fonthill Media.  This book details the early 20th century military color coded military plans of the United States government.  After my work on The Fires of October  I became fascinated with military plans of the United States for invading, well, the world.  These plans, starting in 1903 through 1938 cover a wide range of US plans to invade countries like Great Britain, Canada, Mexico, South America, China, the Philippines and others.  It’s a neat project I’m pretty pumped about.  This book has a lot of neat potential for military historians.

I recently re-secured my rights to my book on office politics – Cubicle Warfare – and I’m going to be re-releasing it (with some updated material) sometime in the next few months.  For people who like my book, Business Rules – The Cynic’s Guidebook the Corporate Overlords – this book will be a treat.  I’m amazed as I go through this just how relevant this book still is.  Moreover, it has never been made available in digital form.

I actually have another business book project that is nearly ready for editing. I’m not even putting this on the calendar yet.  When it happens, it happens.

I’m starting my edit pass on Sawney Bean – Dissecting the Story of the Scottish Cannibal Family.  For my true crime fans, this book will be a pleasant diversion.  This is a little different than my previous true crime works.  One thing is for sure, folks in Scotland are going to enjoy this little romp in Scottish history.

Sawney makes Hannibal the Cannibal look like a wimpy amateur

On top of this I am preparing a Kickstarter for sometime next spring – a Steampunk project called Confederacy of the Damned.  I’ve been working with a BattleTech artist on some of the artwork for the book and the Kickstarter.  Awesome stuff here!

This spring (January/February) if all goes as planned, I’ll be back in Battle Creek Michigan, my hometown, working on a new true crime project.  I say “as planned” because we still have some hurdles before I can make any sort of big announcement here.  There are a few things that excite me about this project – and I’ll be working with another writer on it – my daughter, Victoria Hester.  I think for this book it will be important to have a woman as the same age as the victim to co-author this book.  I’ve been looking for the right project for her and I to team up, and I think this is it.  It will give perspectives to the readers that I think are very important.  I know people want details – but I have none to offer at this point.

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