A Spoiler Free Review of Thor: The Dark World


I did not set the bar too high for my expectations of this film, having sat through the first Thor movie.  Thor isn’t exactly the centerpiece of the Marvel universe but my hope stayed afloat after seeing The Avengers.  I mean come on…I love that line, “We’re adopted.”  To be honest, Iron Man 3, while good, just didn’t have a story I rallied behind.  I will try and not ruin it for you if you haven’t seen in.  Please consider this as “relatively” spoiler-free.

So I donned my 3D glasses and settled back and, well, wow!  First off, this was a good movie to follow on to The Avengers.  Jane Foster has been pining for Thor.  The Bifrost is rebuilt and Thor and his band of Merry Asgardians (which would be the neat name for a rock band) is traveling around the realms, righting wrongs, fighting the good fight, blah blah blah.

Jane ends up in contact with an evil power that can destroy the universe.  Some dark elves, led by Malekith who, for some reason, wants to destroy the universe (I know the feeling!)  He attacks Asgard and the party is on!

Alright, if you’ve seen the trailers (and they were hard to avoid) we know that Thor needs Loki’s help.  I was really concerned that Loki was going to steal the show.  Let’s face it, he’s a great villain, tossing about one-liners and sarcastic witticisms like daggers.  With this movie we get all of the things we like about Loki without him completely stealing the movie.  Whew!

The climatic battle at the end was pretty awesome, with portals to other realms opening and closing during the fight.  You would think this would ruin the movie if overdone but honestly, it made you understand Thor’s role in the universe a little bit more.

There’s some great homage to The Avengers – including the appearance of one Avenger in the film (humorously done).  We also get to see Dr. Erik Selvig – who spends most of the film without his pants on.  The aftermath of the Battle for New York is evident.

And, of course, the cameo of Stan Lee was welcomed warmly.

The film did a very good job of keeping me entertained.  This time in battle, we really get to see Thor be more godlike, which I enjoyed.  Much more hammer-time too!  As a character, Thor has matured a great deal since the first movie.

At the end there are two little clips to fulfill your desire to see more.  One is at the start of the credits – the other is at the end.  I only mention these because some folks made the mistake of leaving the theater after the first one.  Shame, shame…

I give Thor: The Dark World about 4.6 stars out of five.  It’s good, it’s got some funny moments, and some good character development. I wasn’t sure how this was going to end – and there were some plot twists that frankly caught me off guard – which I love!

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