The Re-Release of Cubicle Warfare


Cubicle Warfare, the breakthrough book on office politics, is now available on Kindle format for the first time ever!  This book was a game-changer for me.  It was my first true bestseller, in the days before dominating the bestseller lists.  I did a large number of television and radio interviews about the book – getting to meet Bill O’Reilly and a host of others.  Why all of the attention?  Well, let’s face it, office politics is a highly sensitive subject that all of us have had to cope with at one point or another.  Cubicle Warfare was the first book that took on the subject.

I have to admit, I enjoyed the publicity, though I found myself being the unofficial speaker on a subject that people loathed.  Fast Company did an interview with me – making me something of an expert on workplace culture.  I realized then that writing wry humor about the workplace, and being blunt about what really happened in offices was something that people wanted to read.  If nothing else then to confirm they are not alone.  I have long-suspected that writing the book hindered my professional career, but that is more paranoia than reality.  I pitied my boss (just a little) each time I was on the TV talking about backstabbing at work.

Here’s one of the Fast Company interviews:

Here’s one of the interviews I did for the New York Times

Here’s a snippet of me with Bill O’Reilly:  God I miss my hair!

The book has never been available in digital format until now.  I had to update remarkably little in the book.  As it turns out, office politics is a timeless subject.  I did make some updates in this new edition to make it a little more current – factoring in some changes in technology like webcams.

If you work in an office and want an edge in the ongoing cubicle wars, this book is for you!

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