Star Trek Attack Wing Miniatures Review – The Equinox and the Gal Gath’Thong


I am a huge fan of Star Trek Attack Wing from Wizkids.  When they put out their original Heroclix Star Trek game I tried to get into it, I really did.  But it was a goofy, cobbled together system that frankly blew chunks.  Then Wizkids licensed the game engine from the X-Wing Star Wars miniatures game from Fantasy Flight Games and breathed new life into the concept of a playable Star Trek miniatures game.  (I know that last line infuriates people who play Star Fleet Battles, but let’s be honest, even a skirmish in SFB can take hours to play and has more rules than Squad Leader.)  Wizkids I think topped the X-Wing game which its mechanics were based on with a set of cards to augment play that are entertaining and add a lot of dimension to play.  You can really recapture the flavor of your favorite episodes with Star Trek Attack Wing.

The latest release (Wave 3) of miniatures has at least one iconic mini (the IRW Gal Gath’Thong) and a homage to Star Trek Voyager with the USS Equinox.  I’ll give my review of these two miniatures.

First off, the Romulan, or Rommies, as we like to call them.  The photo images that Wizkids uses on their web site are often deceiving (as anyone who purchased the classic USS Enterprise will attest to).  This was one where their photos do no justice to the miniature.  For those who don’t remember the original series, Balance of Terror, this is that awesome first glimpse we got a Romulan starship.  I love the details on the underside of the miniature, where no one will ever see them.

Neat detail – great stuff – you’ll never see it during game play though – it’s on the bottom.

The cards for this bird of prey are awesome.  The Double Back card let you immediately execute a full astern maneuver.  The nuclear warhead basically deploys a minefield.  The plasma torpedoes are also pretty powerful (and harkens back to the episode where they appeared).  If you are playing the iconic ship itself, you can fire your plasma torpedoes without a target lock — a nasty surprise for your opponent.

The Nova Class USS Equinox is a ship not built for battle, but one that packs a pretty nasty kick to it.  Trapped in the Delta Quadrant, her crew “adapted” (i.e. captured and tortured several life forms) to try and reach the Alpha Quadrant.    The Nova Class starship cards are okay.  I was pleased to see the EMH (Emergency Medical Hologram) but disappointed with its capabilities (or lack thereof).  The Equinox herself has a neat action – you can “disable 1 of your Active Shields this round, repair all of your damaged shields.”  The crewmember cards provided are pretty neat and offer a unique mix.  While the Equinox is not a fighter – her crew makes her a tough nut to crack.  But she’s not a heavy combat vessel – so you need to think of her as a good second or third ship in your squadron.

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