Star Trek Attack Wing Miniatures Review – USS Voyager, Borg Sphere 4270, and Bioship Alpha



The latest wave of ships for Star Trek Attack Wing have been released and I’ll give you a review of three of the four vessels – including the USS Voyager, the Borg Sphere, and the Bioship from Species 8472.  I intentionally left off the Kazon Nistrim raider because no one who watched Voyager would ever consider playing this race.  Seriously, the Kazon are the Jar Jar Binks of races in the Star Trek Universe.  I imagine their cards include activities such as “Betray each other” (you discard all of your own upgrades),    “whine” (you skip a turn while everyone else plays on) and “Bad Hair Day” where everyone attacks your ship for an extra round of combat because you look so pathetically stupid.

Whew – I’m glad I got that off my chest.

This wave of ships (Wave 4) does so something others only toyed with – it adds new rules and functions.  Also it gives us new species (Borg, Species 8472, and (sigh) the Kazon).  Voyager herself introduces a lot of new capabilities as well so this release.  These new capabilities can be game-changers, so if you are introducing ships from this wave into your game, make sure you off-set them with powerful opponents.

Let’s start with the Intrepid Class USS Voyager, the little starship that could.  Hurdled across space to the Delta Quadrant on the longest away mission in StarFleet history, this tough little craft took seven seasons to get him.   On the ship itself, she’s fast, she can move forward six (6) which can be useful.  Like the Enterprise D, if you play the actual ship you can opt to fire in any direction – which is also incredibly useful.

Her upgrades and crew are sweet.  Transphasic Torpedoes – with an attack of ten (10).   Holy crudstunk, that’s going to leave a mark.  Janeway herself gets a form of doing another action per turn. There’s a Sacrifice card which I found intriguing too – you choose the results of two dice and they can’t be re-rolled.  She’s got bio-neural circuitry too – allowing a reroll of all dice.  Seven of Nine allows the use of Adaption which disables an upgrade and makes it hers to use (unless you’re Species 8472).  This is nasty, vicious, underhanded, and rocking cool.  Voyager can have an Ablative Generator.  You get a whole card’s worth of rules on this sucker.  Suffice it to say, this allows you to hang in a fight but after five cards of damage – it’s gone.  Still, overall, this is probably one of the most useful toys in the Voyager’s deck – along with Transphasic Torpedoes.   With all of this, it’s easy to see why this ship made it back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Species 8472’s Bioship is interesting – a nice option to play against the Borg.  If you take the Alpha ship it has one special feature – when you do more than three (3) damage, you also place an Auxiliary Power token on the target ship.  Nice way to saddle them with that burden.  The Bioship also has a Regenerate action  which allows it to repair one (1) hull (critical or normal damage).

The Bioship cards allow you to have an Energy Focusing Ship.  The rules on the card are squirrely, but basically if you have a few Bioships, they can concentrate their fire together on the enemy (I think I’m reading this right).  Wizkids really needs to work on their wording on some of these cards.  The Weak will Perish card allows a pretty massive rerolling of dice – up to two times.  The Biological Attack is only useful if ships are touching, but it does do one critical damage.  Their coolest card is the Quantum Singularity.  Play this card and your ship leaves the game play area and returns during the end phase, out of range but anywhere on the map.  This makes the Bioship a dangerous foe to tangle with.  A few of these ships could really shatter any formations.

The Borg Sphere…   We’ve been waiting for the Borg for the game and what we got was a gray golf ball.  Ah, I’m told we’ll get Borg cubes later – but we had to start somewhere.  With seven (7) shields this is a tough nut to crack.  The Borg can Regenerate – no surprise there.  That sphere can execute a spin maneuver – which is essentially 90 degree turns and moves, making this quite dangerous.  If you take Sphere 4270, she can split up her attacks with her primary weapon against multiple ships too.  With the Borg, you have drones – which are often discarded to use certain upgrades, all of which are nasty.  Now I remember why resistance was futile!

The Borg upgrades and crew are also nasty.  You can select Borg Ablative Hull Armor which is similar to the Federation card (above).  The Borg Assimilation Tubules card allows you to use a drone and steal any upgrade from the other ship! There’s a Feedback Pulse, which allows you to channel the damage you are receiving back at the attacker – which is unfair, cruel, and funny all at the same time.  The Borg Tractor Beam is okay – but the Cutting Bean is where it’s at – doing ten (10) in damage.

I’ll give it to Wizkids – you had to release the Borg and Species 8472 at the same time just to maintain game balance.  Putting Voyager in the mix was also a good idea.  It doesn’t make up for that crappy Wave 1 model of the USS Enterprise, but it’s close.

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