Review – USS Enterprise Refit Miniature – Star Trek Attack Wing


“We tried it once your way Kahn, are you game for a rematch?” 

I’ve been waiting for this ship release – the USS Enterprise from the original films.  No Bloody A, B, C, or D – this is the refit Constitution Class 1970’s-ish styled Enterprise that took on V’GER and defeated Kahn in the Mutara Nebula in the Wrath of Kahn.  I have been looking forward to this since I already had the USS Reliant from three releases ago.  Now, finally, I could refight the Wrath of Kahn battle. Let’s face it, we all want to do it.

Bear in mind I’m still ticked at WizKids for their horrible performance at GenCon this year – but you can’t argue against the classic motion picture ship.

The miniature is good – not like that crappy old Constitution Class that WizKids released that was such a horrible debacle in Wave I.  The generic version of the Constitution Class refit is pretty solid – Primary Weapons are 3, Agility is 1, Hull is 4, and Shields are 3.  Not bad really.  But, if you pick the USS Enterprise – your shields go up to 4 – and, you get a special action.  Disable up to 2 of your Active Shields. For each shield you disable with this action, gain +1 attack die for all of your attacks with your Primary Weapon this round.  If you are positioned right in play, not in someone’s arc, this gives you a nasty bonus to your attacks.

Star Trek Attack Wing is all about the cards and the new USS Enterprise doesn’t let us down.  You get:

  • Captain/Admiral Kirk (more on Admirals later)  – he can target a ship at Range 1 and disable one upgrade of his choice.  This is a two-sided card…which is something new and cool.
  • Leonard McCoy – removes two disabled upgrade tokens.  “Damn it Jim – I am an Engineer – not a Doctor!”
  • Montgomery Scott – at any time you can disable this cart to prevent one auxiliary power token being placed OR discard Scotty and repair up to two damage to your Hull.  Apparently Scotty IS a miracle worker.
  • Photon Torpedoes – same old, same old.
  • Nyota Uhura – disable this card and you add +2 to your Captain’s Skill Rating for a turn.
  • Pavel Checkov – you can re-roll your blank attack results.
  • The Needs of the Many – you discard this card and one of your upgrades with a value of 3 or more and repair up to three of your shields
  • Savvik – Disable her card and replace a Scan or Battle Stations token for an Evade.
  • Spock – You can target lock or scan as a free action – which is incredibly useful
  • Self-Destruct-Sequence – You can blow up your ship and damage (and potentially destroy) other ships in the process.  I know you gamers well enough to know you want to use this card with “Cheat Death” from the original TV Enterprise miniature – but you can’t.  Seriously, think about it.
  • Hikaru Sulu.  You get the cloaked shifting capability – even if you don’t have a cloaking device. This is an awesome card in the right situation.
  • Ilia – you don’t lose your “Perform Actions:” step when you overlap another ship’s base.
  • Will Decker – Captain – you can destroy one of your shields to add one more critical damage in an attack.

This iconic ship has some of the best card sets produced in terms of game play capabilities.  If nothing else, it is worth it for the cards alone.

The BIG addition with this ship is the Admiral Card.  You can have one Admiral in your force.  If a friendly ship is within range of three, you can apply the function to a friendly ship.  Nice stuff here.  We finally see the stuff where some fleet actions can start to happen.

The release of this ship in this later wave makes me wonder what WizKids strategy is in releasing ships.  The USS Reliant is a good miniature, but let’s face it, we all wanted this USS Enterprise so we could test our skills ship-to-ship in the game.  Perhaps WizKids knows that no matter what, we will purchase this miniature, no matter when it was released.

The biggest issue I’m seeing emerge is that these new rules in each release need to be documented better than on cards issued with the miniatures.  We need a new rules book at some point.

Do I recommend this ship – hell yes.  It is a classic ship – great lines…and in the case of Star Trek Attack Wing – awesome cards.

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