Book Tour for The Murder of Maggie Hume


The Willard Library event at Miller-Stone last year for Murder in Battle Creek

When you write a true crime book a book tour is fairly commonplace, the publishers expect it. I enjoy and dread them at the same time.  I do look forward to discussing the subject of the book, not because it sells books – but because hopefully it will generate a tip or lead that might bring this case to the courts.  I like fielding questions about, “what didn’t you put in the book?” or “what are you working on now?”  Because I’ve written a few books on Calhoun County MI (Lost Eagles, Secret Witness, Murder in Battle Creek, and The Murder of Maggie Hume) as well as other genres, I have to be prepared for questions about a number of topics.

This book tour is great because I’m not alone – my co-author and daughter Victoria is coming along.  For her, this is all new.  I remember those days on my first book tour in New York for Cubicle Warfare, it was fun and stressful and a bit crazy, all rolled into one.  It will be great to see her experience some of this.

I enjoy connecting email addresses to faces and reconnecting with some of the great people that made this book possible.  We are also going to look into doing some research on some future books.  There’s plenty of crimes out there that need new light shed on them.  Working on cold cases you get the nagging feeling your work is never really done.

The book has been selling VERY well – it’s going into a second printing after a month (with a handful of corrections).  That’s a big deal in the publishing world.  Our first reaction was, “Great – The more people that read the book, the better the odds of getting to the right people that can drive this case to closure.”

Personally I will admit, these events can be exhausting. You never know who is in the audience or what agenda they might have.  I’ve had some strange encounters over the years.  Crowds of people tend to keep you on your toes mentally. I’ve had hecklers before – which is fascinating to deal with.  Now and then you get family and friends of the victim (as well as the suspects) showing up.

As a tip, when you introduce yourself don’t just drop your name but give us some context.  Victoria and I have a lot of followers on social media and correspond with a lot of people – so often times just a name isn’t going to ring a bell.  In my case this is especially true if you are someone I graduated high school or college with. Thirty-plus years can make face/name recognition a little tricky.

Some people come forward and say they know something pertinent to the case.  I cannot stress enough that if you have any information related to the death of Maggie Hume (or any other murder), please contact the Battle Creek Police Department.  We want to hear your information but we are not tasked with bringing this case to trial.  Any tips you give us, we pass on to the authorities.  We have to.  We want this case resolved.

Finally, our schedule is going to change (be added to) as we get closer to our arrival.  It happens.  The media sometimes spring things at the last minute.  I will be updating this blog entry to help keep things straight.

We are looking forward to seeing folks in Michigan, making some new friends, and answering your questions.  With your help – this case can finally see the light of day in a courtroom!

Thursday, Oct. 9, 8-8:30am – WBCK Radio, Battle Creek

Thursday, Oct. 9 at 6:30 pm

Willard Library Lecture – Miller-Stone Building, Battle Creek

Friday, Oct. 10 between 9-10am

WZZM-13 TV – Grand Rapids MI

Friday, Oct. 10 from 5 pm – 7 pm

Book Signing, Barnes & Noble, Woodland Mall Grand Rapids – 3195 28th St. SE

Saturday, Oct. 11 from 2 – 4 p.m.

Book Signing, Barnes & Noble, Lakeview Sq. Battle Creek – 5701 Beckley Rd.

Sunday, Oct. 12 at 2 pm

Battle Creek Historical Society Lecture – Fieldstone Center, in Conference Room 3 at 165 N Washington, Battle Creek

Monday, October 13 – Pre-recorded Interview with Dave Eddy

Tuesday, Oct.14 at 7 pm

Lecture, Pittsfield Branch Library – Ann Arbor – 2359 Oak Valley Dr.

We look forward to seeing you!

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