The Battle of Wolf 359 – or “Why I bought the Borg Cube for Star Trek Attack Wing”


“Lower your shields and prepare to be assimilated…”

I have to admit, when Wizkids put out the huge Borg Cube game piece, I was salivating.  After all, the Borg were an enemy that had no remorse.  When you saw the results of the battle at Wolf 359 in the Best of Both Worlds, it was stunning. Bits and pieces of StarFleet ships spinning around, utterly defeated and destroyed – and the cube sitting there regenerating.  Then in Deep Space Nine’s premier, we got to see the battle as it unfolded (horribly).

So I broke down and bought the cube.

Now I love Star Trek Attack Wing.  I’m not a sophisticated tournament player, you know, those guys that build unbeatable decks and who mine the rules for horrible little flaws to exploit.  No, I’m just a guy that likes taking little ships and shooting them at each other.  Pew! Pew!

Usually we don’t play the scenario cards that come with ships, but the Battle of Wolf 359 was too damn seductive.  The Federation player had 150 points to play with.  I had a big cube and could add on all of the Borg tech I wanted for the scenario.  Then I realized how evil Wizkids was.  I bought a Borg Cube with no real Borg technology. In other words, to play this scenario, you really needed another Borg ship to take the cards from.  I had a Borg Sphere, so I was set.  With enhanced armor, nine drones, Locutus, a Borg Tractor Beam and Cutting Beam – I was ready to assimilate the ass off of the Federation fleet.

Andrew and Kevin came in with five ships, and unlikely assemblage of Captains.  Kahn (the rare card from GenCon) piloted the Reliant, Kirk commanded the worst sculpted ship Wizkids ever put out (Constitution Class Enterprise), the Enterprise E, the Defiant (tough little ship) and Kronos One.

First off, I noticed that the Borg Cube could move – and move quite far.  I caught Kronos One and the Enterprise aback, closing to nasty range with them.  I had Drones I could have used but I liked keeping the initiative, so I held fast.  The scenario allowed me to capture Mission Tokens and use them for a wide range of horrible things, and I favored them in the game.


They are about the learn just how far the Cube can move…

For some reason Andrew took the Enterprise E on a joy ride away from the battle.  I slugged it out with Kirk’s Enterprise and Kronos OneKronos One came in cloaked – but that didn’t last long.  I hung in close to those ships and Andrew swung in with the Reliant and Defiant.  I mauled the Klingon flagship, capturing it with a Borg Tractor Beam and cutting it up like a Thanksgiving turkey. I did the same with the Enterprise on another turn, then moved in close to the Defiant and Reliant.  Using Cube 112’s ability to fire four attack dice at up to four ships within 1-2 range, I caught four ships in a nasty spray of fire.

We yelled “Kahn!” as the Reliant was destroyed – along with Kronos One.  The Enterprise was about to explode when Kevin played the “Cheat Death” card, allowing the Enterprise to survive to fight on.

Andrew ended up ramming the Borg Cube with the Defiant.  Upset they had dinged my paint, I destroyed that little ship.  I was still running with two shields.  I got hit with a critical hit and Andrew whipped out the Attack Pattern Omega card which replaced that critical with a Warp Core Breach.


The ships are falling here.

All that remained on the board other than my cube was the Enterprise and Enterprise E, and Kirk was giving himself some distance.  Andrew however was in the shade of my cube.

I rolled a Crit.  My warp core overloaded and I exploded.  We pretty much assumed that Andrew’s Enterprise E was a goner – it had no shields and was a battered wreck (and was touching my cube’s base).  That left James T. Kirk and the Federation as the winner.


Okay – I will explode in this turn…but I think it’s safe to say the Enterprise E is going with me…

Some things we noticed.  Surprisingly the scenario was well balanced.  The rules didn’t seem to spell out well how the Borg Tractor Beam worked.  Since these cards came from the Borg Sphere ship it was frustrating.  I didn’t use my drones – but next time I will cripple my enemies little add-on’s to their ship (I learned my lesson well).  The Borg Cube can move – and the best thing to do is get in nasty-close range and wreck havoc.  Regenerating, which was something I was going to do next round, would have made me even more formidable.  Moving the cube physically was a challenge, but we somehow prevailed.

I find the Borg to be a big overpowered – at least in this scenario.  That’s more of a gut feel than something I can validate with statistics.

The game was a blast – literally.  I consider the Borg Cube a fun investment and a neat prop in my office.

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