Star Trek Attack Wing Review – Gornarus (The Gorn Raider)

You can see the paint rippling in this angle.
You can see the paint rippling in this angle.

Easily one of the most iconic images people conjure from the original Star Trek TV series is Captain Kirk fighting the Reptilian Gorn.  Sure it was corny, but it was a fun episode.  When Enterprise came out, they brought back the Gorn with digital imagery and they really became much more sinister.  The Gorn remains, however, one of those races we just don’t get detail on in the TV series or movies.

From a Star Trek Attack Wing perspective – the Gorn are represented with the Gornarus.  The miniature itself was sculpted well, but I did notice the paint job was weirdly rippled/crackled on one part.  It’s not a big imperfection – not like the original series Enterprise which is a train-wreck of a mini.

I’m changing my usual review approach – by providing you scans of the cards for you to read:



The Targeted Phaser Strike is neat – but costly if you are not using a Gorn ship.  It is designed to cripple ship components which is pretty neat.  I could see this being fun in tournament play.

Jammed Communications should (if I interpret it correctly) disrupt Admiral’s influence.

Impulse Overload does what Targeted Phase Strike does, but costs one point more and is discarded.

Salvage is fun on a bun.  You essentially beam aboard and steal an upgrade.

Faked Messages has good range and can be used to mess with enemy movements.

The Gorn Raiding Party is a powerful little tool.  You either disable two enemy target ship shields, or, if their shields are down, you disable ALL Upgrades on a ship.  With a range of two – you can see this card being very disruptive against an opponent who has tricked out his/her ship with a lot of upgrades.

Overall, this isn’t a game-changing ship but a few of the cards are pretty cool. Let’s face it, if you are playing Attack Wing, you’ll add the ship to your fleet just to leverage a few of the new cards.  I was disappointed with the quality of the ship – i.e. the painting.  Look, when I’m paying $14 or so per ship, I expect at least an attempt at quality.

One thought on “Star Trek Attack Wing Review – Gornarus (The Gorn Raider)

  1. One of the biggest reasons I stick with X-wing and haven’t jumped onto the Attack Wing boat is the quality of the miniatures. I want to like this game… I want to play it… but I can’t justify investing in it with the miniatures looking so simple and cheesy. I want to feel like I’ve gotten my money’s worth. X-wing feels this way. Not only are the miniatures crisply detailed and sharply painted (for factory paint jobs), their cards all feature custom artwork and have excellent periphery elements. Attack Wing feels like what it is: an attempt to cash in on the X-wing craze by producing a similar game in another popular sci-fi genre. And while I love that particular genre, I haven’t been able to convince myself that it would be worth the investment to play it, based on the quality of the product and the fact that the point system isn’t well balanced.

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