Review of Deadly Hero

Great book for your summer reading list
Great book for your summer reading list

I am a fan of Jason Lucky Morrow’s true crime books so when Deadly Hero came out I jumped at the chance to read it.

Morrow is one of the authors out there that writes in the niche’ of true crime dealing with historical true crimes.  This subset of the larger genre is interesting because the books are often as much a history lesson as they are exciting true crimes.  The truth of the matter is today’s crimes are often boring compared to the long-lost crimes in history.  Such is the case with Deadly Hero.

This is one of those stories that has everything.  A murder of a high-society man, John Gorrell Jr., in Tulsa Oklahoma.  There’s a possible kidnapping plot, and a conspiracy to murder not only the victim but possibly others tied to the case.  Throw in a false witness, a corrupt cop, and a sensational court case and you have almost a perfect mix.   I won’t ruin your enjoyment of the book telling you the story and results, but suffice it to say this book is worth your time.

I really enjoyed the background of Tulsa in 1934.  The parallels to our contemporary world are there when the police blame the “marble machines” (precursors to pinball) as part of the corruption that leads to this murder.

Jason Morrow has done an outstanding job of stitching together a story out of what could be, on the surface, a very complicated crime.  This is a crime with a sordid cast of characters which would be a challenge for some true crime authors.  Morrow does a great job in keeping the characters organized for the reader – and each with his/her own personalities coming through.  Morrow follows the characters not only through the maze of legal rulings, but brings us to closure with the key participants far beyond the murder.  I love these little tid bits…you always wonder what happened with person X after the trial.

I give this book a solid five out of five stars – well worth your time to add to your summer reading list.

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