Review of Ant-Man

A good investment of your time...
A good investment of your time…

I went into Ant-Man with relatively low expectations.  My exposure to Hank Pym’s Ant-Man was mostly through the Avengers comics as a kid.  He wasn’t a character I enjoyed a lot, though he was a good counterbalance to Tony Stark at times.  At the same time, remembering last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy release, I knew that this had some potential.  Marvel Studios has a way of taking relatively minor characters in their universe and doing extraordinary things with them.

Ant-Man delivers a solid Marvel-style punch.

The movie really fits itself snugly into the Marvel universe.  From the opening, when we see Agent Carter and an older Howard Stark, to the interactions and references to the Avengers, this movie dovetails right into the Marvel digital mythos.

The story is solid.  I was a little worried that it might be too humorous, but the balance between good storyline and the usual (high quality) humor that Marvel is known for is here. We have a story of two father’s attempting to make good to their daughters.  The technology doesn’t overpower this movie.  The special effects are great, and after a few minutes, feels like a digital rollercoaster ride as Ant-Man shrinks and enlarges in rapid, gut-wrenching scenes.  I was worried that the effects would dominate this film.  They don’t.  What works is solid writing a good acting performances.

There are two post-movie scenes which I won’t ruin for you.  Both take the Marvel universe into some new directions which are going to be awesome.  Needless to say, wait until the end of the credits.

I give Ant-Man five out of five stars.  My wife, who dislikes superhero and action movies really enjoyed it.  “I didn’t even fall asleep…it was fun.”  It’s an okay movie for kids but the language, at times, is a bit much for the younger kids (bummer).  It is well worth your time to take this film in.


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