Review of the USS Phoenix, Nebula Class, Star Trek Attack Wing

Let's go blow up some Cardies!
Let’s go blow up some Cardies!

Lately I have been slightly disillusioned about the mini’s that WizKids has released for the series (not to mention the number of rules errata which bog down game play).  So when the USS Phoenix came out, I went in with low expectations.

The ship itself is pretty impressive as you can see by the card.  I love having the ability to change my maneuver to something else at the cost of an Auxiliary Token.  In some circumstances, that could be a game changer and the point cost is only two more than the standard Nebula ship.

Phoenix 2 001

Phoenix 1 001

The ship comes with photon torpedo and quantum torpedo cards.  The quantum torpedo card (which allows firing in the forward and rear arc which is sweet) comes with time tokens tied to them.  This delays their use as you play…you remove the time tokens to fire.  On their own, this isn’t a big deal. At a macro-level, it represents yet another layer of rules that have been grossly inserted into Star Trek Attack Wing. Worse yet, it is not reflected at all in any of the game series.  It is yet another clumsy attempt for WizKids to take a fun and simple starship combat game and gum it up with pointless rules.  For shame…

I’m probably alone in my thinking that they are slapping on rules with far too much regularity, like a band Bondo job on a 1967 classic that has rusted through.  Bottom line:  I don’t like rules which just randomly alter game play, phases, etc., without some basis in the Star Trek universe.  This time delay feels just like that.  It is the same feeling I had with the Admiral rules, though this time, it feels worse.

Now that my whine-mode is off, let me say that The Arsenal card is great…allowing you to add some additional upgrades.  Likewise the aft torpedo launcher gives your ship some additional targeting opportunities.  The Captain Benjamin Maxwell card is useful too – giving you a chance to re-roll an attack die on one of your secondary weapon systems.  You add this in with torpedoes and you get something that might, in the right situation, prove useful.

The ship miniature itself is pretty good, with a few provisos.  The only visible mold lines are on the underside.  The yellow windows are raised, which makes so freaking sense whatsoever.  I wasn’t buzzed about the silver color though.  So far WizKids has used silver, white, and sky blue to represent Federation ships. Look guys, it’s not that hard.  Pick a flavor and stick with it please.  I went back to the episode and checked, silver isn’t the right color.

The Phoenix is a good ship.  The mix of cards is useful for your decks, so I give this a 3.5 stars out of five.  I am perplexed where WizKids is taking this property though.  What we really need is a good comprehensive set of updated and clarified rules – and less ships like “Quark’s Treasure,” which no sane person would review or add to their fleet.

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