My BattleTech Stuff

Okay, here we go.  My wife thought it would be good to put the books and articles I’ve written on display, a shrine to my ego of sorts, so here it is.  When I saw that Hairbrained was looking for BattleTech collections to help hype their awesome Kickstarter, I thought I’d offer up mine. The really good stuff is at the bottom of this post.


The BattleTech works I wrote/contributed to include:


Highlander Gambit, Penguin Books, ROC, 1995 (ISBN 0451-45489-8)

Contributed to Star Lord, Penguin Books, ROC 1995 (ISBN 0-451-45386-7)

Impetus of War, Penguin Books, ROC 1996 (ISBN 0-451-4529-0)

Exodus Road, Penguin Books, ROC 1997 (ISBN 0-451-45634-3)

Roar of Honor, Penguin Books, ROC, 1999 (ISBN 0-451-45761-7)

Co-authored By Blood Betrayed, Penguin Books, ROC, 1999 (ISBN 0-451-45769-2)

Measure of a Hero, Penguin Books, ROC, 2000 (ISBN 0-451-45798-6)

The Call of Duty, Penguin Books, ROC 2001 (ISBN 0-451-45856-7)

Operation Audacity, Penguin Books, ROC, 2002 (ISBN 0-451-45885-0)

Target of Opportunity, Penguin Books, ROC, 2005

Surrender Your Dreams (MechWarrior) December 2006

Fire at Will (MechWarrior) September 2007


The BattleTech Technical Readout 3025., FASA Corporation 1986.

Cranston Snord’s Irregulars., FASA Corporation 1986

Sorenson’s Sabers., FASA Corporation 1987.

Wolf Clan Sourcebook, FASA Corporation, 1991

Solaris – The Reaches, FASA Corporation, 1991

Clantroops, FASA Corporation, 1991

Mercenary’s Handbook 3055, FASA Corporation, 1993

Fourth Succession War Military Atlas Volume 2, FASA Corporation, 1989

Bloodright, FASA Corporation 1992

MechWarrior RPG, Version 2, FASA Corporation, 1991

Rhonda’s Irregulars, FASA Corporation, 1991

BattleTech Compendium, FASA Corporation, 1991

Unbound, FASA Corporation, 1991

Fourth Succession War Scenario Pack, FASA Corporation, 1989

BattleTech Technical Readout 3055, FASA Corporation, 1992

BattleTech Technical Readout 2750, FASA Corporation, 1989

BattleTech Technical Readout 3058, FASA Corporation, 1995

ComStar Sourcebook, FASA Corporation 1992

BattleTech Rules of Warfare, FASA Corporation, 1994

Living Legends, FASA Corporation, 1996

MechWarrior Companion, FASA Corporation 1996

Computer Books:
BattleTech The Official Strategy Guide, Brady Games, 1994 (ISBN 1-56686-208-6)
MechWarrior 2 CD ROM Strategy Guide, Brady Books, 1995 (ISBN 1-56686-191-8)
On-Line Publications:

The Longest Road (BattleCorps) December 2004Great Gaffa’s Ghost (BattleCorps) September 2005

Betrayal of Ideals (on-line novel) (BattleCorps) Parts 1-4 October 2006-January 2007

The Heart of Dixie (BattleCorps) 2005

Old Pus Eye (BattleCorps) August 2008

Desertion (BattleCorps) 2008

Abandonment (BattleCorps) 2008

Son of Blake (BattleCorps) 2009

The Loyal Son (BattleCorps) 2010

Desperate Measures (BattleCorps) 2011

Defiant Stand (BattleCrops) 2012


Infantry Against BattleMechs, ”Stardate, Vol. 3 No. 4, Sept. 1987.  Pages 256 and 259

New Avalon Institute of Science, Training Manual Part 1.,Stardate Vol. 3 No. 4, Sept. 1987.  Pages 277-282.

Protomatter.  ”Stardate Vol. 3 No. 4, Sept. 1987.  Pages 284-285.

New Avalon Institute of Science, Training Manual Part 2.,” Stardate Vol. 3 No. 5, Oct. 1987. Pages 320-325

New Avalon Institute of Science, Training Manual Part 3.,” Stardate Vol. 3 No. 6, Nov/Dec. 1987. Pages 439-444

Mech, Lone Shark Saga Part III, Volume II, Issue V, Pages 4-8

Mech, Lone Shark Saga Part II, Volume I Issue IV, 1991, Pages 2-3

Mech, Long Shark Saga Part I, Volume I, Issue III, 1991, Pages 2-4

Mech, Lone Shark Saga Part IV, Volume II, Issue VI 1992 Pages 2-9

Mech, Lone Shark Saga Conclusion, Volume II, Issue VII 1992 Pages 4-7

Not to mention credit in a number of other sourcebooks and material.

One of my favorite items – my original sourcebook material from the write-ups of the early BattleTech universe:

I keep this in a binder.  Just to whet your appetites – here’s some sample shots.  Photocopies of the original artwork from the 3025 Tech Readout with THE ORIGINAL DESIGN SPECS done in hand at FASA (and few by yours truly).

IMG_0828Check out the red ink hand drawn borders of the Inner Sphere.  It doesn’t get any more old school than that!
IMG_0845 IMG_0829

Look at the back of the map!

IMG_0843 IMG_0841

Original Catapult Designs.  Oops!  65.1 tons!?

IMG_0839 IMG_0838 IMG_0837 IMG_0836 IMG_0835 IMG_0834 IMG_0832 IMG_0831 IMG_0830

The Maps of the Inner Sphere.  Photocopied on the back of Traveller Deck Plans by Jordan – showing the original hand map of the Inner Sphere.  Things were on a shoestring back in those days.  No – I have not gone through this to see if I can find The Hidden Worlds – but they may very well be on there!

Printouts of original material (dot matrix) for Tech readouts and Snord’s Irregulars.  Also in included a shot of the original regimental lists!  This book is a treasure trove of original BattleTech documents and designs.  It’s always a treat to go through it.

IMG_0844I have a lot more – but I thought this would be a good start and a bit of history.


12 thoughts on “My BattleTech Stuff

  1. This will teach me to pay more attention to the credits in the front of the sourcebooks. I didn’t realize you went so far back. I’ve got that issue of Stardrive (I have them all actually) and all the sourcebooks. Only a couple of the novels though.

  2. haesslich

    That BattleMaster made me a very happy tyke, way back when I first picked up BT. I still have the 1.5″ Ral Partha figure for it.

  3. I would kill (more like badger) to have copies of some of that material, especially the maps.
    I will have to go thru my hard and soft copies of StarDates and Mech to reread those articles.

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