The Flash – Back on Track

Golden Age Flash Goodness!
The Crimson Comet

I have to admit, when the Flash season two premiere came out last week, I was disappointed.  A co-worker summed it up best.  “You don’t do a cliffhanger than not pick up right where you left off.”  The writers tried the old flashback ploy to try and fill in the gaps of the six months since the singularity.  It was dull.  Also, I felt that the loss of Ronnie (Firestorm) felt awkwardly forced.  Cisco became a police officer, meh.  The villain, Atom Smasher, was pretty cool, but was taken down with odd ease. I found the Professor’s confession to murdering Barry’s mother to be out of character.  And his father, with absolutely no reason, decides at his release from jail party, to leave his son.  I wondered if the writer’s had been smoking weed when they penned the premiere episode.

This week however was sweet redemption.  We got Jay Garrick, our Golden Age Speedster!  We got the context of alternate worlds in this episode.  The villain was pretty neat.  More importantly, the “team” got its footing.  The Flash TV series was never just about Barry Allen.  What made the series work was the mix of the team supporting the Flash.  We saw Cisco (Vibe) start to struggle with his powers and gave us some workable context as to why he doesn’t want the others to know about it.  I love the reference to DC’s 52 as well.  Well played writers, well played.

We saw Jay Garrick in action, well, sort of.  He’s filling the Harrison role now, mentor to the kid.  That was something missing in the opening episode.  Suddenly, this season seemed to gel.  It was sweet.

Of course, I’m disappointed that none of the genius’s have figured out that Ronnie was sucked into the singularity and hence may be on an alternate Earth.

We’re back on track – and the last scene of an alternate Earth, with Harrison, pure gold.  Ahh, smell that, that’s the sweet smell of Flash goodness!


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