Heroes Reborn on a Break

Heroes Reborn
We lost the cheerleader…but it still rocks!

Well, Heroes Reborn is on hiatus until January when it will return with the last three episodes of the season.  As I wrote about in an earlier post, I was surprised at how well Heroes Reborn has kept my interest.  The last few episodes were pivotal and upped the ante on this rebooted series.

For much of this season we’ve been slowly piecing together what happened to the Evos (mutants, heroes, whatever) at Odessa Texas the day that Claire died.  The episodes “June 13th” Parts I and II were incredible.  They tied together so many of these seemingly random characters into a cohesive plot – one that was awesome.

SPOILER ALERT:  We learned that Claire died in childbirth – and that Noah Bennett had has memory erased to protect the grandchildren.  Better yet, Hiro, (my favorite character) saved the children by taking them out of the reach of the evil Erica Kravid…back in time!  We learned that there is a looming disaster that will destroy all life on Earth.  Erica’s plan was to send colonists into the far future (after the disaster) to repopulate and rebuild the planet.  Claire’s children were foreseen to be possible saviors of the world – but Erica was hedging her bets.

It was an incredible two episodes – on par with the first season of Heroes – “Save the Cheerleader, save the world,” moment.

The series is hitting on all cylinders.  This is a complex story that was presented in a very cohesive manner.  There are a lot of moments where the writers have treated us to some discontinuity in the timelines.  Noah stepped on the proverbial butterflies in messing with the timeline, and the world may yet pay the price.

Heroes Reborn has redeemed the failings of the old series.  It has given us some wonderful tid-bits, links to the past, while breaking new ground in a great bit of storytelling.

I can’t wait until January! #HeroesReborn

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