Star Trek Attack Wing Review – IRW Vrax


I wasn’t sure about this miniature since we already had the Valdore Class ships from a previous release. My first impression was mediocre at best.  The folks at WizKids have produced this ship in a semi-transparent plastic.  I like that for some ships that can cloak, but to introduce it at this stage of the product release is just erratic and insensitive.  It’s almost as if the WizKids folks are making this up as they go along. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad the miniatures is somehow different that the previous ship of the same class, but it just seems goofy to have it made in this manner.

In terms of gameplay, the Vrax is nothing dramatically new.  In other words, this isn’t one of those ships you have to add to your arsenal.  I do like that on the Vrax itself you have the ability to convert a four forward movement at the last minute to a banking maneuver (albeit it a red one).  That actually can give you some interesting options at the last minute.  Let’s face it, we’ve all had those moments when we committed to a move and howled, “Doh!” when we saw what the other guy was doing.  The penalty of making this a red maneuver can hurt you in the following turn, but you might be able to avoid a worse situation in the turn you employ it.  With the Valdore class having only two shields, it’s worth upgrading it to the named ship for two points to get that third shield token.


Scan_20151231 (2)

The flanking attack card is interesting.  In the right circumstance, where you have the enemy in your sights but are not in theirs, it could prove to be pretty damaging.

The Tal-Aura card is useful for sniping off those pesky enemy crew cards that cause so many problems in the game.  Some of the crew cards in Attack Wing are a wee bit unbalanced.  This can negate that and can be done at range three.  Is it worth five points to pick it?  That depends on who you are facing and what they have crewed their ship with.

The Vrax comes with two torpedo options – Plasma and Photon.  Both use the new game mechanic that uses time tokens.  I like the mechanic.  My only real complaint is that they introduced it very late in the release of the game so now it feels clunky.  I’d rather use the older cards then mess with this mechanic, but that’s just me.  I think WizKids needs to look at an updated COMPREHENSIVE set of rules to rebalance some of the game mechanics, as opposed to these sloppy updates.

Other than the highlights I’ve hit upon, I’m not too dazzled with this ship.  Attack Wing fans will buy it no matter what.  Let’s face it, we’ve needed more Rommie’s in the game.

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