Our Jumbo-Honking Star Trek Attack Wing Fight


The Diet Mountain Dew has a movement of Three

On New Year’s Day four of us assembled for a big Star Trek Attack Wing fight.  We went in with 300 points each, which was larger than our usual force composition.  Keen observation #1, it takes two plus hours to just figure out your fleets.  It also requires a freaking calculator to keep track of the points involved.

Tim fielded a Borg fleet while I took Federation.  Kevin and Andrew both took a good mix of ships.  Kevin had fighters, which were the first time we’d played with them.  Tim took the big Borg Cube where I decided it was finally the right environment to try out my Deep Space Nine miniature.  I mean seriously, how often do you get to toss in the big ships in play?

The starting positions

The big Borg Cube drew too much attention.  Everyone went after it, though I was more concentrating on hanging close to DS9 and going after Andrew’s Scimitar.  That thing was a beast.  The Borg Cube was the elephant in the room for the first part of the game, though Tim used his other Borg ships to wreak havoc.  Eventually the big boy went down, but it took a lot of firepower.

Without the Cube, we had maneuver room

Kevin made a death ride with the Sutherland-class ship with Picard as Captain, coming right at DS-9.  Shooting at Captain Sisko only increased his Captain’s rating.

Cube warfare! 

The fighters proved to be massive pains.  Even if you scored a lot of hits on them, you only seemed to whittle away at them a little bit at a time.

Kevin came at me with his Cardassian fighters and eventually took out DS9, as they were toasted in the process.  So the big ships were off the board.

Is it Cardassians or Kardashians?  I can’t keep it straight

Meanwhile Andrew and Tim had been slugging it out.  Eventually all that was left was a Borg Tactical Cube, some Romulan Scorpion fighters, and the Enterprise (refit) under Captain Pike.

The pursuit of the Borg Tactical Cube

Kevin managed to stave off death twice in the battle, and I pulled an Attack Pattern Omega on the Tactical Cube, which it shrugged off and was able to discard the warp core breach.  Argh!

In the end, two ships with one point of superstructure remained, the USS Enterprise vs. the Borg Tactical Cube.  The die were rolled and in the end, the Borg prevailed!  Apparently our resistance was futile.

From Hell’s Heart, I stab at thee…

Some observations.  The fighters – way too powerful.  The big pieces, visually these are cool, but they are more cumbersome than fun.  Game balance – oddly enough, Wizkids got this right, the game was pretty fairly balanced.  Total playing time from start to finish was around seven hours…time well spent.

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