Painting Some BattleTech Miniatures

I used a white pencil for the chipped paint on the sharp edges.  


It may shock some of you that I actually am an avid gamer.  While I write for BattleTech and other game universes, I also play them.  That doesn’t mean I let gameplay drive fiction – there’s a difference between what you can do in fiction and what you can do in the game.  Still, I like to have a strong feel for the game mechanics.  I was that way with BattleTech, Renegade Legion, Twilight 2000, Space 1889, and the other game universes that I have written for.

At GenCon this year I picked up an airbrush.  Badger did a great job of offering free training at the con if you purchased a brush.  I also picked up some great stencils for me to work with.  This is a pack (plus one) of miniatures for BattleTech Alpha Strike.  I was experimenting with the stencils and was quite pleased with how they turned out.

I don’t claim to be a wizard at miniatures painting and with an airbrush, I’m a bungling novice at best.  Still, I have to admit, I like how these turned out and I’m starting to get the feel for using the airbrush and the stencils.

I like the hex pattern because it gives a good blurring of lines and details at a distance, even with the white.  Great stuff in term of camouflage.

Now to start on the recently unearthed CityTech minis that I never even popped off their spurs.  Hmm…Mad Cats…

2 thoughts on “Painting Some BattleTech Miniatures

  1. I have always been fascinated by disruptive colouration, this is a very interesting take on it. At first I thought it was a carefully painted fish scale motif! Thanks for sharing it and I look forward to seeing the Mad Cats.

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