Discovery Channel’s Killing Fields

Killing Field
Someone out there knows the truth…they always do.

I write true crime…sometimes covering cold cases.  So when I heard that the Discovery Channel was going to take a crack at a cold case, filmed as the investigation unfolded, I was intrigued.  I came away excited.  This was television that I could identify with.

Set in Louisiana, it is focused on the cold case of Eugenie Boisfontaine who perished in 1997.  Her remains were found, horribly decomposed, months after her disappearance.  The Killing Fields is not her story as much as the semi-retired investigator Rodie Sanchez, the detective that never let go of her case.  We get him and a younger detective, and the two are cut from completely different cloths.

Having been burned numerous times by The History Channel, I was expecting a story that didn’t go anywhere (like The Mystery of Oak Island.) No.  Discovery delivers.  This story does move along.  Discovery serves us up a heaping scoop of sinister cold-case murder.

There are elements here which tugged at me…namely a convicted serial killer whose victims were only three houses from Miss Boisfontaine’s.  For some investigators the lure of this killer is strong.  I’ve seen that before in my own research.

This show is not fast paced, but was a hell of a lot better than HBO’s True Detective.  I actually cringed when the police interviewed the woman that found the victim and she described the smell of the decomposing body as “sweet.”  Then there’s the incredibly shady Alligator Bar whose owner made me squirm slightly (and drew the attention of the younger detective.)

The pace of investigations, even those I do, is slow.  Discovery has held back a lot of details to the case which I’m sure they will unfold as the series goes along.

This is a great show.  The characters are marvelous, quirky, yet oddly appealing.  There is a twist at the end of the first episode, which was great and takes the case off in a new direction.  As a true crime author, I highly recommend this series.  Please take the time to check it out.  This is the kind of show I think we need more of.  Anything to pry open these cold cases is a good thing.

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