BattleTech Article in SciFiNow

The cover of the new issue…

The latest issue of SciFiNow has an article on the BattleTech franchise…one that I wrote.  I like the piece but that’s me. When you work on something like this it is challenging, there’s a LOT that make up the IP (Intellectual Property) of BattleTech.

The editor wanted a Top Ten products list.  That was challenging since BattleTech crosses multiple mediums.  What I did to help narrow this down was to use social media, Facebook, to let actual fans make suggestions.  I ended up with a list of 23 potentials, and I took it upon myself to narrow that list down to the Top Ten.


I also did the Top Ten novels/series.  Also not an easy task.  This one I relied more on my own gut feel than anything else.

What was really fun was reengaging with folks like Sam Lewis for quotes.  I forgot how much I enjoyed Sam over the years.

I’m sure this will spawn debate and ridicule – but in the end, it’s good for the game to get it back out there in a major magazine.  It was published in the UK last month and is just now available in the US (so far I’ve only found it at Barnes and Noble bookstores).  I suggest picking it up!

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