Review of Deadpool – Spoiler Free


I went into this movie with moderate expectations given Ryan Reynold’s two previous ventures into comic-book based movies.  I was stunned at the four-quarts of awesome sauce that this movie was simmered in.  The opening credits had the audience laughing and there wasn’t a single word spoken or even any moving-action on the screen.  Deadpool proved one thing, Marvel has a magic touch, albeit a dark, evil, black-magic touch in the case of this film.  Still, it’s magic, so soak it in.

Deadpool is not a series of hilarious one-liners.  Well, okay, it is this, but it is more.  There’s a real plot here, even a Beauty and the Beast thing woven into the story.  The film didn’t need much of a plot but the writers rose the occasion and made this much more than a spoof of super hero movies.  They made art.  Watching Deadpool is like watching Blazing Saddles.  The jokes are all wrong, you shouldn’t laugh, but you can’t help yourself. The writers deserve academy awards for their work on this film.  The lines come at you like a MG42 spewing bullets, each having sometimes multiple jokes tied to them.  I will have to see this movie multiple times because I’m sure I missed jokes because I was laughing so hard.  I have not heard so much laughter in a theater in years.

This is not a movie for the weak at heart.  If you take your underage kid to Deadpool, you’re a horrible parent.  This is not your typical superhero movie, not by a long shot. There’s gratuitous sex and inane violence in this movie, it is the backdrop to an artistic work.  The parents that take their kids to Deadpool are the same ones that buy them booze on prom night to be “the cool parents.”  In other words, douchbags.

The film dovetails in with the X-men, with cameo’s in the film.  They don’t overpower the movie, they add to it.  The supporting cast is perfect.  T. J. Miller, known from Silicon Valley, is great in this film, almost the perfect verbal foil for Reynolds.  My favorite scenes involve the cab driver’s dialogue with Deadpool near the finale.  Stan Lee’s cameo is priceless as well, with his own zinger of one-liners.

Deadpool doesn’t just break the fourth wall, he climbs into the theater with you, steals some popcorn, then wanders back into the movie.  It happens so fast you will need to check to make sure he hasn’t lifted your wallet in the process.

Deadpool delivers across the board, carving out its own niche in terms of comic book films. There is so much happening in this film that I can’t wait for the Blu Ray.  I give this five out of five stars.   Just don’t take your wife or girlfriend unless they are into gratuitous violence and insane amounts of sexual innuendo – in which case you have chosen well (wink).

You will need to stay for the end of the credits too.

2 thoughts on “Review of Deadpool – Spoiler Free

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