Supergirl Flash Cross0ver – Exactly what I wanted!


Timing is everything and the crossover Supergirl and Flash episode on CBS offered a glimmer of hope after a mediocre Batman vs. Superman week.   The episode worked, though at times was a bit forced.  What made it stand out was the fact that it was made in the first place.  We have two DC heroes, from two different networks, showing up on the same show.  Just pulling that off was something of a miracle.

I happen to like Supergirl – now that it is past all of that “she’s a female hero,” stuff that dominated the early episodes.  And the Flash is a solid series as well.  Together, Kara and Barry were great.  There was a hint of chemistry there.  Barry is a great team player and his arrival on Kara’s Earth was at a time when Supergirl’s reputation was marred.   They were not unstoppable by Livewire and Silver Banshee…in fact, the villains have the upper hand for a lot of the episode.  Still, Supergirl and Flash together worked and worked well.

Unlike the darker Dawn of Justice movie – Supergirl and Flash have a comic book feel to them.  The heroes are good, in fact, Supergirl is more of the boy scout that the Snyder version of Superman.  Barry is idealistic and gregarious, more than willing to be a part of something bigger.  Their chemistry was great and it is my sincere hope we get the girl of steel showing up in the Flash universe at some point.

If I seem surprised, it’s that DC did something totally right in bringing these characters together.  Having slugged my way through Batman vs. Superman, I was worried that they would somehow botch up this combination.

Let’s be honest, we needed a race between the characters and we got it in the last few minutes of the episode.  It was done right – and done well.  Best superhero episode ever?  No.  It WAS solid and in many ways, awesome.



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