Cover for our new Pump Arnold book is in!

Pump Arnold for President – The Greater of Three Evils

Even after all of these years I get a bit of a thrill to see what the marketing and art departments at the publisher come up with for a book cover.  This one is special for two reasons – it’s my second book with my daughter Victoria; and it’s about the town I was raised in, Battle Creek Michigan.

Our original title was a lot crisper, in my opinion, but the marketing gurus love to rework a title.  It’s a rarity that my working title actually makes it on the book.  Such is life.

I like this story.  One, it’s the Victorian era, which is something I haven’t done much writing or research in before.   Second, there’s a murder and a huge trial – the biggest in Battle Creek’s history up until that point.  Third, Adam “Pump” Arnold was involved in just about every kind of crime at the time.

There are times this book will make you cringe – and at times you will laugh.  There’s almost a Greek tragedy about Pump killing his son George, which is kind of neat. We tried to tie it all together with the history of the burgeoning community at the time…the era before Battle Creek was “Cereal City.”

The book comes out sometime in August.  We will come back to Battle Creek in October to talk about Pump (and the things we didn’t put in the book!)  For now, I’m just happy to see this awesome red cover of this new true crime story.

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