What the hell happened on The Flash this week?

Look, I found the only person that doesn’t know the Flash’s secret identity

I saw this week’s episode of The Flash (Versus Zoom)  and I came away more confused than ever before.  This felt like the first episode in the series that just didn’t hit the mark.  In fact, it kind of felt like it was a hop-skip-and-a-jump into the twilight zone.  Sadly, it was the first time I found myself at odds with the writers.

We had the big reveal – that Zoom was not Jay Garrick but Hunter Zoloman.  That on its own was okay.  What was confusing was everything else.  First you had the fact that Dr. Wells saying that Zoloman was the most recognized serial killer on Earth 2; yet for some reason, it never dawned on him that Zoloman was Garrick.  There was a bizarre description of Zoloman killing himself in a previous episode as a result of “time remnant” which we have no idea what the hell it is but it seems weird.  A friend of mine, a Flash expert (if there is such a thing) was just as perplexed as I was with this remnant thingy.

And if that Jay was the one that interacted with Caitlin, and he was killed by Zoom/Zoloman, why did Zoom seem to have some attachment to her (enough to kidnap her)? 

Barry trapped Zoloman with images from his past.  That was cool.  Where did he get them? Especially since Zoom was on Earth 2.  I mean, it was neat, but you can’t find images of my parents online, and I am a New York Times Bestselling Author. 

Adding to my frustration is the fact that Barry has still not told Wally West his secret identity.  I need to maintain a list of people he has told up to this point.  Even villains know who he is.  In fact, he told Supergirl after less than two minutes of conversation with her.  Barry hasn’t posted it on the web yet, but it’s really just a matter of time – yet for some reason he doesn’t want Wally to know. 

Barry tested the tachyon device and traveled to the CBS network to meet Supergirl and fight crime with her, but when he gets back to Star Labs he never mentions, “I travelled to another Earth, met a super chick, fought some crime, we rocked….”  You’d think that kind of thing might come up in conversation. 

And Zoom dressing up as Flash to give people hope then rip it away from them…just seemed, well, stupid.  Serial killers generally are not bent on robbing populations of hope. They are more into blood and terror.  Trust me, I write true crime books.  

Barry has got to stop getting into discussions with villains before they are stripped of their powers.  Take a lesson from The Incredibles dude.  You should have sucked the speed force from Zoom, locked him up, then gotten into the discussion with him. 

Overall, I have loved this season of The Flash, but this episode was a train wreck of weird and unnecessary sidebar stories and subplots that go nowhere.  The writers let me down for the first time, pouring five gallons of content into a one gallon bucket.  Yes, introducing Zoloman plays well to the comic book fans – but story lines like this have a way of disenfranchising the non-comic fan-base. 

My recommendation:  Keep it simple and cool like you did in season one.  Do that, and we’re all cool.  

One thought on “What the hell happened on The Flash this week?

  1. Wish I had seen this earlier. There have been some out and out logic failures that made me question if the shows creative force had a last minute change of mind and clumsily changed direction. Just the “Give zoom everything he wants, and trust that he keeps his promise when Barry gives him his powers” would have been hard to swallow, but add in all of the above, it was painful. There are Scooby Doo mysteries with more logic behind them.

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