The Flash – My theory as to who is in the iron mask…

As crazy as it sounds – I think these things are all related!

This week the Flash totally redeemed last week’s quasi-controlled-cluster-fu*k and delivered one of their best episodes.  This set the stage for two more speedsters – Wally and Jessie; and gave us some good classic Zoom villain moments.  I also think there was a lot more going on…

We got the see Barry’s dad – which I don’t think was a fluke.  These writers are comic book guys, they don’t just have scenes for no reason.  He’s been absent this season, but he’s back, and we learned his mother’s maiden name was Garrick.  Significant?  Yes.   Hear me out…I think I’ve pieced together the secret of the man in the mask!

My theory is that the man that Zoom is keeping in the iron mask is actually the real Jay Garrick – which will be Barry’s father from an alternate Earth.  Think about it.  Zoom has only hinted at who is there but refuses to tell Barry.  Why hide it?  Why even hold a prisoner unless he is of some use to you?  Barry’s dad has a link to the name.  This Jay wouldn’t necessarily be Barry’s dad per se, but at least the actor playing him.   Most likely it woulds be a version of Barry’s dad from Earth 2, who we haven’t seen yet.  I like to think that the writers still want to give us the doughboy-helmet-wearing Jay Garrick; merely with a different actor playing him – in this case John Wesley Shipp.  My theory is that when they do crack open that mask, we will see Shipp in the role of Jay Garrick.

The writers have already have demonstrated a fondness for the original Flash TV series, bringing back Mark Hamill as the Trickster – twice.  The producers and writers are pretty good at playing up to the comic book fan base.

Best of all, we as Flash fans would get to see the 1980’s Flash recast in a role as the Golden Age Flash.  Not only that, we will probably get one of those awesome villain scenes with Zoom holding (essentially) Barry’s dad by the scruff of neck, threatening the hero.   Otherwise, why would Zoom keep a prisoner if not as an ace up his sleeve to hold the Flash in check.

Frankly, I hope the writer’s do go down this path.  One, it’s cool.  Two, it’s a treat for those of us that remember John Wesley Shipp playing the role of a Flash, even if it is the Golden Age speedster.

Alright pundits, tear this theory apart!


3 thoughts on “The Flash – My theory as to who is in the iron mask…

  1. Lea

    Why would Earth 2 Barry Allen’s name still be Allen if his father’s name is Jay Garrick? Wouldn’t that mean his name would be Barry Garrick? And even if his parents were unmarried when he was born then it would be his mother’s maiden name which also isn’t Allen. Just wondering. And Jay Garrick could be an alias but Jay Garrick’s alias is the Flash. Unless he changed his name to Henry Allen.

  2. J.L. Clark

    Simple, but a series of What if’s. Please bear with me:
    What if Henry Allen’s mother was never married or kept her maiden name or may have even been widowed. So when she had Henry, her last name may have been Garrick and that may mean that his last name could also be Garrick on Earth 2. And if we follow this thread, what if he wasn’t named Henry or he went by his middle name or nickname instead? What if Henry “Jay” Garrick was still Barry Allen’s father on Earth 2? What if the man his mother was vacationing in Atlantis was not Barry’s biological father, but rather a step father instead (my half-brother called both my mother and his biological mother “Mom”)?

    I know that it is a long series of What If’s, but it seems like a logical path for the writers to follow. “Garrick” was definitely not a throw-away bit of information. And much like Henry Allen returning “permanently” being a heads-up to his impending death, I think that the line about Garrick being his mother’s maiden name leads us to the theory that the Man in the Iron Mask is actually Jay Garrick (in his 50’s or 60’s and in great shape as he was in the comics), played by Wesley Allen Shipp.

    I always suspected that it would be the real Jay Garrick (after he tapped “J-A-Y”) and I thought it might have been Wesley Allen Shipp playing the role. Some people theorized that he should have been more upset and tried to talk directly to Barry since they were father and son. But in this theory and on Earth 2, Jay may not recognize Barry as his son. He may never have met him or known of him.

    Maybe it’s a stretch and maybe I’m a fool but I connected these dots really early, especially since Jay Garrick wasn’t the age he SHOULD be. I suspected that something was wrong with Jay (Zoom) from the beginning based on how he stalked the team at Star Labs before meeting them and primarily his age not being correct. It’s a CW show (and everyone is young and beautiful),but give me a break! The writers and showrunners love the source material too much to do that!

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