Game of Throne Season 6 – My Predictions

The North Remembers
The North Remembers…except when they don’t – like in this week’s episode.

I will admit it, I’m an HBO junkie with Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Veep, and John Oliver.  I’m also a well established author.  As I did with the Flash this season, where I correctly predicted the Jay Garrick twist; I want to offer my best guesses as a writer, as to what I would be doing for the rest of the season.  In other words, this is what I would do, not necessarily what they will do.

Last night’s Episode 7, The Broken Man gave us the biggest “what if” of the season so far.  Sansa Stark (who frankly, I’m quiet tired of) penned a mysterious letter and sent it off.  Now we know that Jon Snow (who still doesn’t know anything – even what the afterlife holds) has successfully raised 62 men and the Wildlings for his army.  Even those 62 warriors were the work of the Onion Knight, so technically, Jon is one of the worst negotiators ever.

Sansa penned a message, we presume, to get more troops.  But whom did she write?  The logical choice would be her great uncle, The Black Fish, but let’s face it, he’s got issues of his own now.  Besides, that’s predictable and the show-masters have demonstrated their love of twists and turns.

Your next guess is LittleFinger.  He’s already raised troops for her from the Vale to aid her, though I’m not sure she knows that yet.  So who is getting a raven from Sansa?

Drum roll…

The Queen of Thorns.  Sansa only made two friends during her time in Kings Landing (nuthouse to all royalty).  One was Marjorie, who is married to the king and with Cersei still arrogantly strutting about – I doubt she would risk reaching out to the Queen.  Olenna Tyrell proved to be a good ally of hers during the brief yet sadistic reign of Joffrey.  Not only that, as of this week, the Tyrell’s are shedding their lovefest with the Lannisters – which was one of the most awesome moments in the season thus far.  Olenna tried to marry Loris to Sansa to secure the north once before.  Who better to send a still intact army to aid the North?  Olenna would do it just to piss off Cersei and it would show some growth in Sansa that might make her more tolerable to the fans.

Queen of Thorns
“Cersei – Kiss My Grits!”

Oddly enough, if I were a show writer for this series (oh please pick me!) I would end this season with Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen, Breaker of Chains, Mother of Dragons, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Queen of Meereen,  Queen of the Andals, Champion Spitballer, Dragon Rider, Uber Driver, Burner of Dudes that Threaten to Rape Her, and Keeper of the Eternal Friendzone (for Jorah Mormont) and runner up in the Miss Westros Beauty Pageant; needs to be on boats provided by the Iron Islands heading to Westros.  I am so done with the whole slavery angle.  The dragons, the Dothraki , and the Unsullied, all need to be on a fast fleet of ships to Westros. I need that as my final scene for the season.  In the next episode she needs to get home and see how good Tyrion has done keeping the peace – then get going.

We also need to see how Ramsay Bolton killed Rickon Stark (I can’t imagine him coming through this alive) and we need to see Ramsay be killed…hopefully at Sansa’s hand.  With Ramsay dead we will need a new uber-dark villain, which could be Walder Frey.  He’s still being the worst host ever in that dank hole of The Twins; having been stuck with the catering bill from The Red Wedding.  Frey and the ever-chipper and friendly Euron Greyjoy are perfect bad-guys for us all to hate.  Game of Thrones has to have someone out there we all despise.  Ramsay’s been doing well since Joffrey’s death, but it’s time for some new/old blood.

A man wants to see these things.  A man also is tired of the many-faced god storyline.  A girl needs to make up her mind what she is going to do and do it.  A man is losing his patience.  Sidebar:  I am going to start talking like this at work on conference calls, just because I’m mostly evil.

So there you have it – my worthless and likely stupid predictions for GoT for the rest of the season.  I invite you to share your thoughts on the blog’s comment sections.  Share with your friends…I’d like to see what your predictions are.


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