Clash – The Unofficial and Completely Unsanctioned 2016 Presidential Debate Drinking Game


Downloadable (with the adult options feature enabled) from

I am pleased to announce that a game that I was one of the designers of is finally available as a downloadable printable PDF.  Yes – you will need to print your own deck.  Clash is the first product of Shock Monkey Games (which I’m a proud team member).  Working with Brent Evans (of BattleTech and Shadowrun fame) and Ryan Zimbelman and the rest of the Shock Monkey team, we put together something that is quick, easy and fun.  We had to keep the rules easy – because you may be consuming alcohol.  

Let’s be honest – this year’s Presidential debates are going to be the most watched in US history.  They are destined to outshine even the Lincoln Douglas debates in terms of outright debauchery (by both candidates).  You know you’re going to be watching the debate, much like a slow-motion train wreck.  And if you’re going to watch the debates, getting drunk during the process seemed as American as apple pie – especially given the two debaters.  Alcohol and politics go together like peanut butter and jelly.  Drinking and politicians are the foundation on which the US has thrived for centuries (which explains a lot I might add.) 

Some Sample Cards…  Kinda cool eh?

You can play clash without watching the debates too.  Just turn on Fox News or MSNBC — every night until November is a new session.

So I crafted a very simple (since people will be drinking) card game based on key words or phrases that are destined to come up in the debate.   Of course with each passing day, new phrases are coming up.  Who would have thought that “pneumonia” or “deplorables” might be possible words to pop-up?  So we made some expansion packs – which we add to every other week or so. 

The first three expansions are up too – 18 cards each.  Expansion one – Post Convention Blues; Expansion two – This time it’s personal…; Expansion three – Basket of pneumonia. If you haven’t figured out – this is a sarcastic/snarky game you can play.

We did a few high quality decks just for our friends.  Because of the constant change, we ‘re doing these as printable PDF files available through  Note:  The game is listed as adult content (hello…there’s booze involved), so you have to set up an account first and make sure you are approved for adult content.  All you have to do is give them your email and password – and enable “Adult Content.”  

Hey, it’s cheap ($4.99 for the starter set and rules and $1.99 for each expansion) and

bound help kill the painful and highly entertaining moments during the Presidential Debates.  I encourage folks to go out and download the game – and share the news with your friends. 

In a blatant bit of self-promotion, I encourage you to share this with your politically charged friends – regardless of their party.


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