My New D&D Campaign – Additional Character Background Stuff (that you can use!)


My new campaign is carefully crafted (read my other posts.)  As such, when the players showed up with their bright and shiny new first level meat-targets, I had them make some decisions I had previously crafted.  For my players, it forces some serious role-playing, and has ramifications later in the game.  I’m sharing for other DM’s and players our there to take advantage of.


For Rogues, you have to choose if you are part of the guild.  If you are, the guild takes 20% of your take.  If you show up in town you must check in with the guild, and you will be assigned where you can work in the town/city.

If you are an independent operator, you don’t pay the guild its dues.  However, if you are spotted plying your trade by the guild, they will open a can of assassin-based whoop-ass on you.  In my game, crossing the guilds comes at a high price.


Paladin players have to pick their order.  Here’s what I have drawn up:

Order of the Crimson Rose A red rose on a field of brilliant green Sworn to chastity, it is said that those that govern this order, the Priory of the Crimson Rose are castrated.  They are driven to protect the fairer sex.  During the age of kings the Order of the Rose protected the Queen and her court.
The Order of the Fiery Blade A burning upright sword Also known as the order of vengeance.  They actively right wrongs and met out their own justice.
The Order of the Clover A four leave clover. Also known as the Order of the Shield.  These paladins are protectors.  They are tied to communities and sworn to fight to protect those that cannot protect themselves.  Their ruling order, the Priory of the Emerald Isle, has several members of their order posted to every cloister in the realms.
The Order of Silver Blade Six crossed silver swords in a hexagon pattern on a field of orange. Sworn to fight the undead, these Paladins are usually those accepted to the Legion of the Fang.  Their numbers have dwindled in the last few centuries but they are said to specialize in battling the undead and their blades are coated in silver during their final tests.
The Priory of Saint Julius A pair of balanced scales on a field of red. These are wandering paladins who act as judge and jury, setting things right that they see wrong.  Protectors of the weak, they are often seen as ruthless warriors.
The Order of the Bloodied Blade An upright battle-axe stained in blood. Raised from childhood from orphans, this Order is the most militant of the Paladin Orders.  They are trained in 13 different forms of combat before they are sent out into the world.  They can be found in most military units.
The Invisible Order The unblinking eye The most secretive of the Paladin Orders – the Invisible Order are trained to blend in with the rest of society.  They never met out their justice in the open, but strike viciously.  Member of this Order never want anyone to know their true origin.
The Order of the Black Mace An ebony mace on a field of white Hinted at in stories aimed at scaring children – the Order of the Black Mace is said to be a group of evil paladins.  Their goal is sow seeds of chaos and disorder.  The Order was the first target of the Inquisitions and the Church says they were wiped out.  Rumors persist of members surviving, killing off leaders of the Church.


Druids have to pick a concentration or focus.  There’s in-game bonuses for these.

Tied to an animal


Your focus is a specific creature.  You are able to commune with these creatures and visa versa.  You are compelled to defend them if they are attacked or endangered.  It is said they will come to your aide if nearby and you are in danger.
Tied to a plant Your focus is a type of plant.  You will not consume that plant and anyone damaging it will immediately incur your wrath.  You are able to commune with this plant by touch – see what they saw.  Your connection with plant life allows you to summon edible foods when none are nearby – or succulent growth if you are parched.
Tied to a specific forest or place Your focus is a place – usually a forest or copse of trees.  It is the source of your power.  If it is in danger, it will summon you to it.  When you go to that place, even your gravest of wounds heals.  It is said that those that rise and grow in power can even be resurrected in that place should they die.

Magic Users:

As you’ve probably seen in my previous posts, the Church and Magic Users in my campaign have a long standing hatred.  Inquisitions will do that to you.  So magic users need to define how they learned or acquired their skills – or their Path.  Here are those for my campaign:

The Burning Star Self-Taught.  You did your own research – your own practice – a self-made magic user.
Keepers of the Fire Mentors, said to be tied to a cult of magic users, are said to blend in with every community posing as normal citizens.  They covertly find those with potential and mentor them in the magic arts.
The Initiated It is said there are covert schools of magic users.  You were recruited and trained by one of these.  Even those trained know little of the schools or their members – secrecy is everything.
The Touched These all bear a mark of some sort, a pentagram, where they were touched by a wandering beggar.  The beggar it is said triggers their magic potential.  He is said to wander from village to village, activating those that have the skills.  No one knows his origins and it is said that those that bear the mark are targeted by the Church for inquisition.  Once touched, the individual seems to have all of the training and understanding of magic at level one in their discipline.
The Keepers of the Red Cloak A secret order of magic users that kidnap those with the potential as children and train them.  They are said to have tattoos all over their bodies, making them a target for the Church.  The tattoos, put there as they complete tests, are said to give them additional powers and skills.  This order is militant – often striking at the Church when their people are prosecuted.

My next post will start to tell the story of the first session – so follow my blog if you find it interesting/entertaining.




13 thoughts on “My New D&D Campaign – Additional Character Background Stuff (that you can use!)

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  2. I like most of it except the Rogue part: not all Rogues are thieves. Guilds are called Thieves’ Guilds, exactly because they are for thieves only, while Rogue as a class can make for nearly any type of character, not just Thieves. Take politicians: what class are they if not Rogues?

    Also about Magic Users: it looks like there is no mention about class. Are we talking Wizards, Sorcerers or Warlocks?

    Love the Paladin orders!!

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