Review of Bolt Action Konflikt ‘47

Yeah, this is subtle…

I got a chance to play this at GenCon when it was released and liked the look of the game, though the core is Bolt Action.  In fact, this hardcover rules book at $40.00 IS Bolt Action, with a few additions.  Konflikt ’47 is a low-tech sci-fi game set in the late 1940’s with a healthy dose of FFG’s Tannhauser game, more than a lifting of Dust Tactics walkers, and a bit of a steampunkish feel.

So how has the world changed?  When the US set off its first test of an atomic bomb it opened a rift in space-time.  The rift energy provides incredible power, allowing for new technologies, and the corruption of others.  WWII is altered dramatically as the powers start leveraging the rift-tech.  D-Day happens but the Germans are able to hold the line at their border after bitter fighting.  Likewise the Soviet steamroller is bled heavily.  The governments begin to field walkers – (BattleMechs) and powered infantry armored suits.  Germany taps this rift power to create zombies, werewolves, etc.  Japan turns the die in the Pacific and still holds a vast empire.  Alliances fracture…and the war continues.  It takes 20+ pages to give you that background in the book – but you get the idea.

This game is Bolt Action, which is both good and bad.  Good in that it is a proven game system.  Bad in that I am offended that I had to buy a whole new rules book when this could have been a much less expensive supplement with the differences.

What’s new? Well weapons-wise is where you get the bulk of the new stuff.  Super-bazookas, rifle grenades, M17 Tesla Cannon, Zvkovoy Proyektors, Schwerefeld Projektor.  You have heavily armored infantry, though the British armor looks almost like the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. Zvukovoy Proyektors are sonic weapons.  Schwerefeld Projektor’s crush targets by manipulating gravity.  Tesla weapons are just what you think they are.

Both sides field walkers which are pretty cool to look at. Then again they look painfully similar to Dust machines.


There are some rules changes beyond the new weapons systems. You now have a reaction to Escape! Which allows you to run to get out of a battle.  There’s also a Firefight reaction that allows a fighting response.  You have an option to Run to Cover too – which is nice.  There is an Ambush reaction too, which is good.  But honestly, these addendum’s to the rules should apply to Bolt Action as well.  (They may be in the new updated rules, I haven’t purchased them to find out).

Thanks to DNA splicing and rift energy there are new kinds of units with special rules.  Tooth and Claw for German and Soviet animal/human hybrids.  Large Infantry, the beefed up power armor.  Flight – jetpack-ish troops.  Fast – for genetically manipulated troops.  Infrared-Vision rules kick in as does super Strong troops and Horrors – which strike fear in their enemies.

The rules for walkers makes them feel like a variant of tanks.  I think the Warlord Games group missed a chance here to make them different, more ‘Mech-like.  As they are, while they look cool, they are just tanks with legs.

The cool part, you can use your Bolt Action miniatures with Konflikt ’47.  That’s a plus, but since you have to purchase a whole new rules book, it is little benefit.

I give the game overall a four out of five stars.  Interesting concept – far too close to Dust to avoid the comparisons.  This should have been made as a supplement and a standalone rules set.


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  1. proffudmosekit

    reading science fiction books is the stuff that i am always into. science fiction really widens my imagination,,

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