Review – Killing Fields Season 2


Killing Field
There are no cold cases…only unsolved cases…

I am a junkie for good true crime and TV has let me down a lot this year.  Part of that is being an author of true crime books, but the majority is me being a fan of the genre.  After the OJ series on FX, I was hopeful to see more good prime-time true crime.  There was some, but most of the series came across as cheap, exploitative, or designed to sway public opinion (i.e. the Jon Benet series on A&E).

Discovery Channel, however, does not fail with the second season of Killing Fields.  Our boys are still working the case of Eugenie Boisfontaine but this season they shifted to a local man, Tommy Francise, who is implicated in not one murder but two.

Few series out there show you how investigations work as well as Killing Fields.  The dogged pursuit, the following of where the evidence takes investigators, and the cooperation with prosecutors.  This is a great series that takes you through small-town America, warts and all.

Tommy Francise is a bad apple all around.  Frankly I was stunned he wasn’t arrested for the murder of at least one of these men – he confessed the murder to one of the officers, Rodie.  I won’t ruin this season for you, but it ends with a big event, one you find yourself rooting and cheering through.

Tips for Eugenie Boisfontaine are still coming in too.  I personally hope our two officers in the series get an arrest soon on that case.

There are two other things that make this series a winner.  One is the filming.  You get lots of neat angles, drone-shots, etc., that just put you there in Louisiana with the investigators.  The second thing is the dialogue between officers Aubrey St. Angelo and Rodie Sanchez.  These two are opposite sides of the same coin.  They are funny and filled with steely determination.

The series is short and available on Discovery Channel or On-Demand.  Watch it – soak it in.  This is hope for everyone out there who wants to see cold cases resolve.


One thought on “Review – Killing Fields Season 2

  1. Marie-Elizabeth

    Best documentary/realty show in a long time! Unique format and birds eye view of what goes on behind the healines by our police! Ive prob seen most investigating shows… guilty pleasure and facination admittedly but Killing Fields just draws us in and i actually feel we are walking beside them while they do their “magic”. Thank you for taking us along for the ride!

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