Some BattleTech History – ‘Mech Types by House and Unit

Mech Types

One advantage I have with other BattleTech writers is that I have been around since the original 3025 sourcebook.  I also kept as lot of material we were provided as authors.  I feel safe in violating my NDA since this material is dated back to the last century.   Note: I will be releasing a lot of stuff over the next few months, so I encourage you BattleTech fans to follow my blog…hint, hint…)

This was a little gem I found on the back of the Archer artwork we were sent when we did the sourcebook.  It shows the variants of the ‘Mechs (our blessed Unseen) broken down by which house uses which variant.  It also outlines the original mercenary units and which ones they use.

I honestly don’t remember if we actually followed this chart, but it is a cool nugget of BattleTech history.  You have to remember that back at this time the universe was still in flux in many respects.  That, and I don’t take orders well (a character flaw on my part.)

Soak it in and enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Some BattleTech History – ‘Mech Types by House and Unit

  1. John Martin McCracken

    Hi Blaine.

    Thank you for this piece of Battletech history. I have been playing for a long time and have alot of the material. So it is nice when a piece of the background/backstory comes forth.

  2. brianwee

    Hi Blaine and thanks for sharing. Glad you still keep in touch with the Battletech fanbase. I got my TR 3025 in 1987 and remember the rich lore in that accompanied each mech. Really appreciate you sharing the background material.

    Hope you have been doing fine all these years. Battletech fans like me still rate TR 3025 highly which is a testimony to the great work you and the rest of the team did back then.


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