Quick Unboxing of the Game of Thrones Kickstarter – A Song of Fire and Ice

The box, stacked full of Red Wedding goodness

The best part of a Kickstarter is when the rewards arrive.  Today my CMON Kickstarter set for A Song of Fire and Ice arrived.  I have always wanted to take part in a CMON Kickstarter campaign because of their reputation, and I have to say, I am impressed so far.

I will not be prying open every box yet, but wanted to give you a glimpse of the game components that are out – especially with Gen Con right around the corner.  I will be painting minis through Christmas, that much is for sure, but so far I was wowed with what I received.

I won’t bore you with text, but let you savor over the photos.  More to come as I begin painting.

All good men…most don’t make it through Season 4 in the series
A view of the back of the box
Kind of looking forward to doing the Battle of the Bastards at some point
Sure, they look tough…then a dragon comes in and they get crispy.
I will have to learn to paint horses…


The Half-Man! 
The big box starter set.  
The back of the big box
The box of the bonus minis, alternate sculpts,etc.  Gotta love that iron throne from the novels.  
Talk about a big impressive mini.  I can’t wait to pit these forces against the Imperial Stormtroopers I painted last weekend.  Oh, that would be SO wrong…

Obviously more to come.  Enjoy!



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