Gaslands Weapons

Lots of potential here

If you don’t know by now, I’m a fan of Gaslands (here’s my review).  I like the game because it is simple and my grandson Trenton likes playing it and modifying the vehicles out of his Hot Wheels/Matchbox connection.

When I took him to GenCon this year, I got a message from a friend at Iron Wind Metals inviting me to stop by for Gaslands weapons.  I was a little puzzled at the time, because Iron Wind is known for their BattleTech minis.  Gaslands?

I swung by.  As it turns out, Iron Wind had containers filled with turrets and weapons that were overruns from BattleTech.  Better yet, they were perfect for Gaslands weapons.

I picked up a bunch of them and am going to start outfitting some vehicles soon.  I thought I would share my haul (fairly representative of what they offer) along with a couple of primed vehicles for scale.  Hey, you never know where you will get your inspiration from!

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