Non-Spoiler Review of Shazam!


I will admit it, when I was in the 1970’s I subscribed to Shazam!  Captain Marvel (the DC version) was an interesting contrast to the darkness of Batman and the Boy Scouty Superman.  I liked the Marvel family as well.  Sure, some parts were silly, but it worked for me as a kid.

Now comes the movie version and I have to admit, I cringed.  Would DC go all dark and brooding like they had for almost every other movie?  Would they ruin the character background?

The response is a resounding no!  DC finally did a super hero movie that stayed true to the character and was fun.  They even took a relatively cardboard villian and made him tangible.

Holy moly!

I took my grandson with me to Shazam! and we both loved it.  First, other than a nosebleed, there was no gore.  There’s no swearing.  This is the story of a boy that becomes a superhero.  Even though he appears as an adult, he’s still a kid at heart.  That is the essence of Captain Marvel and they managed to keep it.

There were some tweaks to the history of the character that were new – but nothing that took away from that essence.  The film was entertaining, something that some of the DC movies have seemed afraid to embrace.  This film felt genuine, authentic.  The kids were close to real kids in term of character.

So, if you are looking for a good family movie that just happens to be about a super hero, check out Shazam!

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