Tantamount – The Pursuit of the Freeway Phantom Serial Killer Available for Pre-Sale


I write true crime books with my daughter Victoria.  Needless to say, we are not your typical father-daughter in terms of hobbies we share.  It’s complicated and cool both at the same time.

We are pleased to say that our most recent book, Tanatmount, The Pursuit of the Freeway Phantom Serial Killer, is available for pre-order in Kindle format.  The paperback will be available around the time the Kindle version releases.  Tantmount Pre-Order

We have been working on this for a year and a half, if not longer.  I want to say that this is the story of the deaths of seven young girls in Washington DC in 1971-72 and the arrest and conviction of the killer.  That isn’t the case.  This serial murder string is unsolved.  If you are looking for a trial and conviction, this isn’t a book for you.  This is about the pursuit of the murderers, following the investigation and where it went both right and horribly wrong.  (Previous Post on Tantamount)

There are a lot of urban myths and legends, some perpetuated by law enforcement, regarding the Freeway Phantom.  My co-author and I tackle these head-on.  We give you the suspects, how they ended up on that list, etc.  We go down the rabbit holes and come back up again. This is a book about horrific crimes and how investigators struggled to balance giving the families closure and making sure they got the right person.

We reveal new facts, new evidence, new details, that have never been made public before about these murders.  Even if you think you know things about this case, we reveal more.  One investigator we interviewed read the draft manuscript and said, “There’s things in here I didn’t know.”  That is the highest praise we can get as investigative journalists/authors.

We encourage you to order the book – and we encourage you to read the information and form your own conclusions about this incredible serial murder spree.  Follow this blog for more information on these crimes…

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