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This comes up all of the time, what is the right way to say proper names in the BattleTech universe.  Not so much in writing, but when you get gamers together.  Well, if it makes you feel any better, we writers slug it out as a topic as well.

We had a meeting last month in Seattle and we arrived at a few agreements among ourselves on certain ones.  I saw this pop up in the forums as well this last week…so let me offer the ones we aligned on.  Note:  I am not an employee of Catalyst Game Labs, I am a mercenary author – so none of what I say is cast in stone.  It is simply my understanding of the proper way to pronounce certain names.


Producers of the Atlas, the Atlas Scout Lance, the Atlas Candy Bar…you name it.  Two three forms are used the most.  Lee-run, Lie-o-run, and Lie-run.  Well, it’s Lie-run.  At least, I’m pretty sure that’s where we landed.


The Happy Go-Lucky Whackadoodles of the Federated Suns who produce the nicest plate collections for your royal weddings.  It has the Max Liao seal of approval!

Two variants come up all of the time.  Dah-vion and Davey-an.  It’s Davey-an.

Alaric (Ward)

He’s dreamy…

The cover of Inner Sphere Sweet 16 Magazine.  True story.  We argued on this one for a while.  Someone suggested we call him “Al” which made me conjure up the image of Al Bundy, hands down his pants, etc.  There were impersonations involved. As it turns out, we were fairly split on the two forms:  Ahl-erick  (with the variant of Al-erick) and Alair-ick.  For the most part, we seemed to settle on Ahl-erick or the variant.

(Stephanie) Chistu

I think we all settled on “Shist-oo” however Randall did produce Cheese-stew, which opened up a number of cheese-based jokes including Cheese-doodle.   We never put in pin in this one, but I favor Shist-oo.

I feel assured this will spark countless hours of nerdgasms…so my work is done for the night.  You are welcome!


17 thoughts on “BattleTech Pronunciations

  1. TJ 'Maverick' McCormick

    So, Blaine, as a Davion-based merc that I am, why is it that you’ve settled on “Davy-en”, rather than the smooth rolling “Dah-vion?”

    1. Are you saying that you are really a Davion mercenary, or you just play one in the game? Oddly enough, that was how all of us pronounced it. I’m not inflicting this on you. I’m not saying that you have to say it the way we do. I’m just saying that this was where the creative team landed. I am sure there are characters in-universe that will pronounce it a myriad of different ways.

      1. TJ 'Maverick' McCormick

        The “clan” (player-group) that i started my Battletech life in, “Scorpions;” we floated around here and there. Once we took on the role-playing aspect of the online game back in the mid-90s, we originally sided with Marik. Eventually detached and exiled outselves to the Outworld Alliance. This move strengthened our numbers, but was ultimately short-lived. Once freelancing for a time, until finally settling into “Dah-vee-un” (lol) where, we remain integrated into their constant Merc-Force. Which, is where the remaining of our forces currently take part in various MWO contacts.

        As for the variation of the pronunciation of the name, i think, it’s based on preference and regional vernacular, no push or pull either way, i.m.o. I think this is is one of those “Toe-mate-oh” / “Toe-mott-oh” things. 🙂

      1. Really?

        Liao – Lee Ow? Lee-Oh? Lou (as in Loud). L-yo

        Kurita: is the one I’ve not heard mis pronounced as much. . Curry-ta? Cur-e-ta. Cur(e)-Ita

      2. TJ 'Maverick' McCormick

        the “Liao”.. i’ve always heard “Lee-ow”… because of the the “ao” having the “ow” sound as in “TAO”.. and “Li” having the “lee” sound.

  2. Ryan Vogel

    How about Amaris? I’ve been hearing “Uh-Mar-Iss” a lot lately, though from day one I always pronounced his name like “amorous.” What say you?

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