SkullSplitter Dice Mystery Bag

Dice!  My latest mystery bag from SkullSplitter

Every now and then I get a pop-up ad for some gaming stuff.  Most of the time, I blow by them.  I am, however, a sucker for dice.  Like most gamers, I have more dice than a human can ever need, but I never stop buying them.

Skullsplitter Dice SkullSplitter site does these Mystery Blind Bags every now and then.  The first time I ordered I was skeptical.  I figured I would be getting a random bunch of ugly dice.  My first bag rocked.  As such, I have ordered them twice.  I’m not sure why, I don’t need more dice.  Both times it was a pure impulse purchase, and both times I have been more-than pleased.

You get a full ‘mystery dice set’ from their collections, one metal die, and a handful of random dice from other sets.  When they are on special, the cost is $9.99 plus shipping.

This time I got a set that I really liked, green with kind of a weathered finish, very easy to read.  I got a heavy metal 10-sider, and a few random dice, mostly six siders (but you can never have too many of these, ask any Shadowrun player.)  They even throw in a cheesy velvet pouch.

While I have reviewed a lot of gaming products, I’ve never tackled dice.  I mean seriously, do I roll them and try and compare the rolls? I’m 57, so for me, the key is my ability to read the dice.  The once I got had good contrast between the numbers and the die material.

Here’s the deal, SkullSplitter dice are very high quality dice.  You are not getting cast offs or defects in the mystery bags – some of the dice I got are from their top of the line stuff.  There is a bit of mystery when the package comes – you aren’t sure what you get and that is part of the fun of ordering them.  I was further suprised that I ordered and got them in three days.

So, check them out.  I give the mystery bag five out of five stars, if that means anything.  If you like the random gambling aspect, order up your own mystery bag.  They have a metal dice mystery bag too – which has been calling to me too.

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