Blaine’s Unofficial Reading List to Prepare for ilClan

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I have been getting this question a LOT since Rock of the Republic released:  “What should I be reading to lead up to Hour of the Wolf?  Suddenly I became everyone’s librarian. I get it, I write stuff, so I should have this at my fingertips right?  No.  It doesn’t work that way.

So, this is my list.  It is not official because I am not official.  I took time out of my busy writing schedule to put this together.  If you have questions, please look to the bottom of this for the updated Bob List.


  1. I did not include the Dark Ages novels because they are out of print. See the subtitle? I have prepared a separate list below of the pertinent ROC novels.
  2. I am only including the books where I know their storyline, pertinence, timing, etc. If I look like I’m glossing over someone stuff, chances are I’m not in the loop on what they are writing.  I know, it’s a shocker.  It’s not me being a douche and purposefully ignoring someone stuff.  I haven’t seen the sequels to Grey Watch Protocol, for example.  I assume they would normally appear on this list.
  3. This is the recommended reading order I suggest. That doesn’t make it right.  Well, it kinda does.  But frankly, you can shuffle some of these around
  4. No, I’m not doing this to sell more books. Don’t be a Bob-level ass.  I don’t get paid that way.
  • Forever Faithful – Talk about your unintended consequences.  Let me tell you about Clan Smoke Jaguar and the Fidelis.
  • A Bonfire of Worlds – Tharkad gets visited by Malvina and Alaric who trash the place worse that the hotel room in The Hangover. Tucker Harwell learns that family isn’t everything.  Spoiler Alert:  Katherine Steiner-Davion gets killed.  It is worth reading for that alone.
  • The Anvil – Malvina Hazen and Stephanie Chistu have a pillow-fight over Coventry.  It sounds more sexy than it is. Okay, there’s no pillow-fight…I did that just to get you read it.
  • Splinter of Hope  –  Julian Davion is kinda important.  Then again all Davions think they are important. Some more than others. Just ask them, they’ll tell ya. Then there’s Caleb.  Don’t be Caleb, like, ever. Trust me on this one.  He raped a Liao. Really he did.  We all know the Davions think about it (metaphorically), but Caleb did it. That is messed up on many levels.
  • Divided We Fall – It ain’t no party until the Dragoons drop in.  No, seriously, they bring the good beer.
  • Rock of the Republic – “Stone, Devlin Stone.  I prefer my Republic shaken not stirred.”
  • Grey Watch Protocol – What’s that noise?  “That is the warpipes of the Northwind Highlanders laddie!”
  • Honor’s Gauntlet – Do you dare refuse my batchall? Jade Falcon goodness…if there is such a thing.
  • Children of Kerensky – Clan daycare gone horribly awry.
  • Icons of War – Pew pew pew – in SPACE!
  • Hour of the Wolf –  You have arrived at your destination.


  • Field Manual 3145
  • Era Report 3145
  • Shattered Fortress


Note:  These are not in a particular order

  • The Wolf Hunters
  • Sword of Sedition
  • Masters of War
  • A Rending of Falcons
  • Flight of the Falcon
  • Target of Opportunity
  • Surrender Your Dreams
  • The Scorpion Jar
  • Fortress Republic


If you have questions – read the list – follow the list, embrace the list.

  • Do not pitch me your ideas for a character or ask me to include you, your kids, your dog, your dead friend/relative in my book. If I need names, I post the casting call on Facebook.  You don’t use Facebook? Too bad for you. No I will not change the rules for you. Yes, I can be bribed, but not cash.
  • I do not know if anything will be available in hard copy.  Complaining to me does you zero good. Telling me you want to hold a physical book in your hands is not necessary. What you do with your hands is between you and your hands.  I just write this stuff. Telling me you want the book in a certain format falls on deaf ears with me because I am not involved in production.
  • I don’t know anything about audio books.  I can’t stress enough on this point – I really don’t care about audio books.
  • I do not have dates when anything is coming out. I have projected dates but I will not share them.  Don’t ask. Sometimes even my editor is surprised when stuff comes out.  Most of the time I am.  Adding insult to injury, you will probably get your copy of the book before I do.
  • I don’t know when the books will be translated into any language.
  • I am not affiliated with the Kickstarter.  Don’t ask me questions about it.  I don’t know. I like not knowing. I have no idea if Kickstarter exclusives will be available to non-Kickstarter people, but I think the word “exclusive” is a pretty big clue.
  • No, I will not tell you if you appear in the fiction as a Khan, First Lord, Custos of the Fidelis, a MechWarrior, a member of Clan Wolverine, a salty tech, a cook, a drunk, a swamp, a city, some ruins, or anything else. If you want to find your name in a piece of fiction, search for it when the product comes out. Just to make it hard, I may have altered your name because, well, I can.
  • I am not your reference library for BattleTech.
  • I will not read your fanfic, your Clan Wolverine screenplay, or anything else you write. I don’t need or want your ideas for fiction…I have plenty on my own.
  • You don’t need my permission to use stuff I have written about for your campaign.
  • No, I do not have a paint scheme or TO&E for some unit that I wrote about in the 1980’s.  It worries me that you think I would have something like that in my possession.  Seriously…
  • You don’t want to be Bob.

Alright you pesky kids, get off my lawn!


8 thoughts on “Blaine’s Unofficial Reading List to Prepare for ilClan

  1. Harold Osburn

    Like the list, but the humor and sarcasm throughout I loved. Especially the “Bob” list… nobody should be a Bob, or a Karen apparently.

  2. Marcus Ramirez

    I have to say, you are really nice to take time out of your writing schedule for the list And I also have to say that this is the first time I happen to see you writing battletech again 🙂 So I will definitely read this and it will be the first battletech book I have read since the original 63 books. Thank you

  3. James

    Thanks Blaine. As a returning fan who had lost track of the “current” BT universe around the time of the last Roc MW:DA novel, this is incredibly helpful!

  4. Joel

    After falling out of BT during the Dark Age books, which I just couldn’t get into, I’m thinking it may be time to revisit the universe. Thanks for the roadmap!

  5. Rick Hunter

    MANY thanks from a long time BTech fan that just discovered the new novels! Your “unofficial” list is absolutely official in my book. May you live to pilot the Mech of your choice! 🙂

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