Hour of the Wolf to Release on 1 January 2021

Easily one of my favorite pieces of BattleTech artwork

To coincide with the invasion of Terra on 1 January 3151, Hour of the Wolf, the first novel of the ilClan era, will arrive January 1.  It’s a hell of a way to kick off the New Year!  The mental picture of hundreds of hung over BattleTech fans reading the book on 1 January gives me a smile and some solace.

If you haven’t seen the awesome countdown page – check it out:  https://fs.battletech.com/fiction/hour-of-wolf/

The cover of the book has so many delicious elements to it.  An iconic Clan Wolf Savage Wolf blasting away at a Jade Falcon Shrike.   The Alpha and Omega on the ‘Mech should tell you who is piloting the Savage Wolf – wink, wink.  The Shrike could be anyone…but the clue as to who it is resides on the painting of the shoulder plate hit by the PPC fire.  And what are those DropShips in the background?  Notice all the debris on the ground?  Wonder where that fighting is taking place? 

Tukayyid?  Bah.  That was for wusses. It was a third of a novel and we still keep our attention focused on it. For the last 30 years or so, that was the ‘big event’ in the BattleTech universe.  Sure, we invaded Terra a few times before, but nothing quite on this scale, with this amount of fictional build-up.  This time the Clans are all-in against the Republic of the Sphere.  Devlin Stone is no slouch, he was one of the greatest strategists of his era.  Anyone thinking this struggle is going to be a cake-walk for anyone is delusional. Most fans know that the two primary Clans that we know are showing up on Terra, the Wolves and Jade Falcons, have a long-standing rivalry. How all of this plays out is going to be epic, monumental, and fun-on-a-bun.

Oddly enough, this takes place on your home planet, which means that a lot of the terrain is stuff you can pull up on Google Earth.

The novel is huge – well over twice the size of a traditional FASA BattleTech novel.  Yes, I will be posting some blog posts for the folks the finish it.  Obviously I encourage you to follow my blog.   In this the Dark Ages comes to an end and we advance the universe into a new era – the ilClan Era.  We even have a cool logo for it.   

Some things to consider as we wait for 1 January to arrive:

  • Will we get more space battles?
  • What is the reaction of the House Lords to the events that are unfolding on Terra?
  • Will any of the other Clans intervene…and how? 
  • What about the Capellans?  (Which is a question we should always ask, BTW.)  They are at the door of Terra too.
  • What new characters are going to emerge/survive for the new era? 
  • Has Alaric made the mistake of the century in giving the Jade Falcons the means to penetrate Fortress Republic (aka Magic Space Shield)?
  • Will Wolves Dragoons arrive – and if so, when? Timing is everything. 
  • What about the Wolves in Exile?  Will Anastasia be able to bring them back into Clan Wolf’s fold?
  • Will the Republic’s vaunted redoubts be enough to bleed the Clans into defeat?
  • Who was the Ghost Knight in Children of Kerensky and what was she up to?  Who is she working for?
  • Who is Devlin Stone really?
  • Who lives and who dies?
  • What new BattleMechs, tanks, and other vehicles are we going to see in action? 
  • What will happen between Malvina Hazen and Stephanie Chistu?
  • Do we get to see the McKenna’s Pride in action?
  • Will any Clan achieve a true victory and be declared the ilClan? 

So brace yourselves – it is on like Donkey Kong! 

13 thoughts on “Hour of the Wolf to Release on 1 January 2021

  1. Tony Hicks

    Your assuming all us BT fans wont still be drunk when reading this book. We might get the ending 180 degree out if phase. Lol. Looking forward to it.

  2. AD

    Looking good!

    One point:

    “I haven’t validated it yet, but I don’t think we’ve ever dedicated an entire novel to one campaign on a single planet. Sure, most culminate on a single world – but this novel is all about Terra.”

    Binding Force is all about one campaign on a single planet. As is Highlander Gambit. I’m sure there are others, but I haven’t read that many battletech novels yet.

    1. Charles "Bob" Dell

      Giddy with anticipation!
      Thank you so much for all that you do for our community good sir. This whole universe benefits infinitely from your contributions, and I for one believe it would not be remotely the same without you.

  3. Aaron Doukas

    > The novel is huge – well over twice the size of a traditional FASA BattleTech novel.

    I didn’t think I could be more excited about this book than I already was. And then you drop this bomb on me. So excited!

  4. John Fallon

    Has anyone thought about creating a computer game for the Ilclan War in the same style Harebrained Schemes did for their Battletech game 2 years ago ? No planet hopping this time, the action takes place solely on Terra. Which side will you play for ? The Wolves, the Falcons, or the Republic ?

  5. Philip Duncan

    “What will happen between Malvina Hazen and Stephanie Chistu?”

    One, or both, will be dead. And I’m almost certain that Malvina will die. If not to Alaric, then to either Stephanie, or… to her “pet” Cynthy.

    In “The Anvil”, written by our host on this blog, Stephanie Chistu gives Cynthy a knife, which she then hides in a couch. As far as I know nothing’s been said about this since. But if anyone knows, Blaine will.

  6. marthrog

    I see through the trickery of the cover art and your words Mr. Padoe. I bet it’s Anastasia Kerensky in the Savage Wolf and Stephanie Chistu in the Shrike. I believe Malvina is dead by this point in time. Who knows where Alaric is, probably on one of those dropships watching the battle alongside Devlin Stone.

    As for the location, the first thing that came to mind was the Ardennes. But that’s probably too close to Geneva for Stone. Next I thought Yellowstone or Big Sky. Then it hit me, It’s somewhere in Virginia. Makes sense that the a final battle for the Falcons would take place in their fonders home state.

    As for the other questions. I’ve combined my answers to questions that I think overlap.

    Yes there will at least one space battle. A BIG one. BattleTech has never been big on space battles and think that’s a miss oppurnity and something that should change with the event of Ilclan.

    How will the House lords and clans react: Some if not all of the Lyrans will go Team Wolf due to Wolves-in-Exile and Anastasia supporting Alaric. Neither the Marik’s or the Foxes are going to like that and try to stop them.

    The Fedrats will come to the Republics aid. Devlin Stone will overplay his hand and piss off both the Ghost Bears, the Suns, everybody. Julian will pull his support. I have no idea what the snakes will do, but they are between a rock and a hard place. They have bears on their left, ravens on their right, and a seething nation underneath their kimono.

    The Confederation will move in nice and cautious. Maybe do a little Death Commando fuckery. But Daoshen will also overplay his hand and piss off Danai who will rebel with the support of half the CCAF and House Centrella. Regrettably starting a Capellan Civil War. As long as the glorious state survives, it will not be a total lost. She’ll despose Daoshen and begin working on merging the Confederation with the Magistracy.

    Yes, Alaric did make a mistake letting the Falcons in. If only he was smart enough to trade more on his Steiner-Davion heritage instead of just announcing it, he could have came in with some Lyran support from the beginning. This crazy plan he has is the reason he’s going to nearly lose. Now Anastasia will have to clean up the mess he leaves behind.

    Anastasia and the Wolves Dragoons will not arrive on time and when they do, Alaric will be hanging on by a thread. I have know doubt he’ll win in the in.

    The Reboubts: Alaric and Malvina are not stupid enough to bleed themselves on them. Alaric will try to circumvent them and Malvina will just try to nuke them, which is the reason I think one of her own to kill her. No nuking Terra!

    The Ghost Knight is Alexi Holt and she’s working with Tucker Howell to bring down Stone and save the Republic. Tucker told her everything.

    Who dies: Malvina, Cynthy. Chance, Stone, Levin, Redburn, Moon, Brubaker.

    I can’t even begin to guess at the BattleTechnology that will be fielded, at least by the Republic. They need to put more of that WoB tech to use.

    Mckenna’s Pride will certainly play a role.

    No clan will achieve true victory.

    I’m probably wrong about a 100% of this.

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