Hour of the Wolf Part 1 – The Suspense is Killing Me

Special delivery for a Ms. Hazen? Would you please sign for this?

No spoilers here, just some mild-mannered creative rambling.  HotW is only a few days away now and frankly, I’m on pins and needles. Unlike most books, I won’t know what people think the next day after the release because this book is massive – both in story and sheer bulk. 

All of the threads are finally brought together and spun into a tapestry of a massive conflict for control of Terra.  With Divided We Fall we got the entanglement of the Dragoons in this fight (if they arrive in time).  With Rock of the Republic, we got some depth into the defense of Terra and the Republic of the Sphere. With Icons of War, we got the recovery of the McKenna’s Pride. In Children of Kerensky, we get the Clan strategies and characters that will play such an important part of all of this. We ended that book with the word, “Clan Wolf – Jump!” Elements of a half-dozen Dark Ages novels come to bear as well.   

There are powerful characters with great arcs that are queued up and ready for action.  You will meet new characters as well that may play key roles in the new era.  Some live, some die.  Read up on your Shakespeare.: “…if it be a sin to covet honor, I am the most offending soul alive.”  Songs will song of these coming events, lines in the Remembrance will be crafted, legends made, myths crushed., dreams trampled upon.

With all of the new BattleTech product focused on Tukayyid, I find myself chuckling internally.  Tukayyid?  That was a speed-bump in the invasion.  This…this is the battle for the prize.  If you think about it, Tukayyid was around 1/3 of Mike’s novel.  Hour will take readers into the fight themselves, for almost the entire book.  There is enough here for 30 years of picking apart the battle and its nuances.  Let’s hope it doesn’t take that long for CGL to do map sets…

This showdown has been coming since 1989 in many respects; the conquest of Terra.  Make no mistake, this is the end of the Dark Ages and the start of a new era – the era of the ilClan. To me it feels like we’ve been stuck for years in the Jihad and Dark Ages eras, with a lot of false starts. 

If you are new to BattleTech, this book is going to be a great entry point for you since it ushers in a new age.  It is a great place to start new with the rest of the fan community. 

Ah, the fans.  The fans have been great and hilarious with their predictions – which I encourage.  Some are so out of left field that it leaves me wondering about the drug intake of the fan community.  A few out there have actually gotten close.  It is always amusing that people try and interject their favorite faction into some sort of scenario where they come out on top.  You just keep holding onto that passion you Wolverineeies!

One fan asked, “What mini’s should I buy?”  Now that is a good question.  The new ‘Mechs, and there are quite a few, won’t be out for a while.  Here’s some that you may want to consider:

  • Savage Wolf (you might need two or three of these)
  • Shrike (check the cover)
  • Jade Hawk (Delta Galaxy, CJF)
  • Carnivore Tank (you need one of these, and trust me, it is a worthwhile investment)
  • Ares Superheavy (or two)
  • Dire Wolf (‘cause there ain’t no party until the Dire Wolf’s show up’)
  • Elementals – lots of Elementals
  • Padilla Artillery
  • Trebaruna
  • Dominator

Is this another “Meanwhile in the Periphery meme?” or is Blaine hinting that this might actually be part of the Republic Armed Forces? If so, when will the minis be for sale?

So, for a while, I will be going quiet on this blog…waiting for the book to get out and consumed. I have plenty of other writing to do, including some BattleTech and non-BattleTech stuff.  I will likely be online January 1 just for grins.  I look forward to your feedback as you, the reader, are put in the cockpit and sent into the fight with the rest of the cast.  Seyla ya’ll!

6 thoughts on “Hour of the Wolf Part 1 – The Suspense is Killing Me

  1. John Fallon

    I’ve said this before. This would make one epic PC game. There are parallels to the old Mechwarrior Three game. You are on a hostile planet – ergo there are NO stores to buy new mechs or ammo. All you have to work with are what you brought with you on your jumpships and what you can salvage after each battle. Want a new, more powerful mech ? Capture it , shoot out the cockpit or the legs – you know the drill. And as for your dropships / They are your source of spare parts and your repair bays. Lose one and your repairs and parts are limited, lose all and it’s game over

    And don’t think the enemy doesn’t know this. You won’t be able to run off and leave them undefended and you ‘know’ how Clanners feel about guard duty.

    I can’t wait for this book. There are times when you buy a book and stay up all night until the early hours before you can put the book down. This looks like it could be one of them .

  2. Hendrik S.

    I really can’t wait for it, I’m very excited about Hour of the wolf, and very happy to hear that it will be a huge one. Though I unfortunately might have to wait a little bit longer than January 1st because I prefer the print version.
    My guess is that Clan Wolf will be the IlClan, but somehow Stone might still be involved. But I like surprises 😉
    Thank you in advance for a great book to read 🙂

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