A Review of Death Ray Designs Hex City and Corporate Plaza Terrain

Lots of Urban Goodness

I’ve been a customer of Death Ray Designs for a while, having used their airbrush templates for some terrain I have.  I was pretty thrilled that they had released some urban terrain that was compatible with some of the games I play – especially BattleTech.  This is both Hex City and the Corporate Plaza sets from their web site.  https://deathraydesigns.com/

The package for the entire lot is heavy when it arrived, thick MDF and thin plastic pieces used for windows and building highlights.  The instructions are up on the company web site, though some of the building names for the guides don’t match what is printed on the MDF.  It was no big deal to sort it out, but I want to be fair in my review of these. 

I botched building two structures, mostly because I didn’t follow the instructions carefully.  Other than that the buildings have amazing fit and details.  They even come with some little add on gubbins that allow you to add some custom details to the structures. They have etched a lot of details that make the buildings pop visually. 

There’s a lot of variety here, from single story stores to large scale modernistic buildings.  The imprinting of the hexes on the roofs and bases match the scale for the BattleTech maps, which I have to believe is intentional. Personally, based on some of the scale/sizes, I’m going to use these for Alpha Strike games.  Some of these structures would be perfect for games of 15mm as well.

Great detail – even unpainted

I did not use a lot of the thin plastic parts yet.  Some have to be done as part of the construction, which means if you intend to paint these, I would paint the parts first, then do the assembly.  If I had it to do over, I would have painted first.  As it is, I have a LOT of painting to do. 

Some of the plastic details I need to still add.
This layering of insets gives you some neat details
A nice little store to stomp on.

I recommend this product.  Because they are MDF, they support Iron Wind Metals mini’s with no real problems.  The hex imprints on the roofs make it very simple to utilize these on your maps, if you are so inclined.  Total cost is $95.00 for both sets that you see here.  Don’t flinch, you get a good sized city for your investment. I’m looking forward to trying these out once I get them painted. 

Thumbs up to Death Ray Designs on these structures.   

2 thoughts on “A Review of Death Ray Designs Hex City and Corporate Plaza Terrain

  1. These have seen a lot of folks giving rave reviews like yours. Carrying them at Fortress Miniatures and Games has been a pleasure as they continue to expand into more and more Battletech items. If you get a chance, check out their Industrial sets of resin terrain.

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