What Am I Working On (May 2021)?

Fairly accurate summary don’t you think?

The best part of retiring from the corporate world is that I have time to write and game. The writing pipeline is pretty packed…and there’s a lot of stuff in the works.  Someone this weekend asked me what I had coming out and I had to sit back and list it all. 

I do not know when any of this is coming out.  I am just a mercenary author.  Asking just frustrates both of us. A lot of times I find out when you guys do. It’s not an issue, just reality.   

So for you fans out there, here’s a tease of stuff to come:  

Completed (Which is a writer’s way of saying – ‘Written and possibly done, depending on editorial.’)


I have written an ilClan-era story involving some of the characters from Hour of the Wolf.  That is in the hands of the Shrapnel editor. It is a bit different, no ‘Mech combat but a story of some of the characters I created in Hour.  It gives readers a cool glimpse into the events after the fall of Terra that is pretty interesting.

I have completed a bit of fiction about a certain mercenary unit that has a reputation for collecting artifacts.  Alright, it’s Snord’s Irregulars! I have also drafted a Turning Points piece to tie into it.  It has been a while, and I enjoyed the opportunity to visit this unit in the new era. Lots of twists and turns with this one.

I did a little fiction piece on Solaris VII set during the Clan Wolf occupation. 

I have a short story written for the Honor and Glory series…some Jade Falcon goodness. It is called An Eagle Among Falcons.  John, the editor, came up with the title and it is perfect.  It is an Elemental piece, which is different. I sometimes think we don’t give Elementals enough exposure in fiction.  I recently saw the artwork for the cover of it and it is stunning. 

First draft of No Substitute for Victory has been submitted – a post ilClan era novel with the Jade Falcons.  I really like these characters and the story. It begs to answer the question, “What if you were left behind when the rest of your Clan went to Terra?”   

Land & Sea

For our new venture, Creative Juggernaut, I have three novels done and through edit.  My partner, Brent Evans, is coordinating artwork, especially the covers. These will be launched via Kickstarter later this year if all goes well.  Juggernaut has done really well with delivering on our Kickstarters in the past. I have to say, these books rock in establishing the Land & Sea setting.  The first one, Splashdown, is set 24 years or so in the future.  These are pure military sci-fi in a new universe that is captivating and cool. And since you know I’m a gamer, you can assume game product will follow the fiction.


I have written some fiction for Leviathan’s that hasn’t been published yet, called Skies of Steel and Fields of Red. I am a sucker for good alternate history and the Leviathan’s universe is all about that. It is fun to play with some historical figures and some exciting new characters. 

Blue Dawn

Coming late-July, my first political thriller, Blue Dawn.  This is an alternate history, set five years from now, with direct ties to current events. It is an exciting book, with an ensemble cast and a great series of storylines wrapped around the start of a second American Civil War.  Politics, intrigue, and a myriad of twists and turns will make this a captivating read.

In Process

For BattleTech, I have two story submissions including one a full length Clan novel, that are out for review. I think these are going to be fantastic once we get a few little details hammered out.

I am working on the sequel to Blue Dawn.  The working title is, A Most Uncivil War.  The book is about 25% done. I’m carrying some of the characters forward and introducing some new ones.   

I am writing some short fiction for Land & Sea in my spare time.

I am working on a bit of mercenary fiction about a unit I have written about for decades.  It’s a fun little romp with Joshua Snord with the working title Reputation is Everything.  Yes, there are three things of Snord’s Irregulars coming!  This is due in July.

My daughter and I are researching a true crime book as well. It is a case here in Virginia and it is fascinating – a double murder.  COVID slowed things down but I anticipate doing some work on that this fall, after Gen Con. 

On top of all of this, I have some RPG campaigns I’m kicking off soon, including a really neat MechWarrior Destiny thing.

So there you have it – a lot of fiction in multiple universes, and some non-fiction murder and mayhem.

18 thoughts on “What Am I Working On (May 2021)?

  1. Sagara

    Do you mean Scott David Westerfeld’s leviathan universe?

    I don’t want to look crazy again, but I’m just looking forward to a second wolverine novel. I believe that it was written a long time ago.

  2. hooyut

    This all sounds fantastic! I cannot wait for Blue Dawn and I am always excited for more of your Battletech fiction! Excellent work!

    1. Richard A Conlan

      Looking forward to reading these works down the road. Do you think you’ll ever revisit the Hour characters Jack and Mia? They were unusually compelling for minor supporting cast, especially their decision to part ways with Clan Wolf. They could go anywhere from here.

  3. Daniel N

    Nice; can’t wait for all the tangents that can get some attention in BT.

    I sent some friends your way for Blue Dawn and that universe… it’s a little too close to this universe for me after last year (although steps were taken).

    Best wishes as always.

  4. Heide

    “I sometimes think we don’t give Elementals enough exposure in fiction.”

    I agree wholeheartedly with that Notion!

    “What if you were left behind when the rest of your Clan went to Terra?”

    Home(clan) Alone?

    Since you mentioned some Piece of Fiction without Mech Combat, did you ever thought about veering into other Genres for the Battletech-Universe? For Example the Spy-Genre?

  5. Andreas Rudolph

    If I may ask you, would you be interested in writing a story about the Home Clans? If you are allowed to do.
    Which Clan would be your choice (besides the Goliath Scorpions)?

      1. Look, this is just a personal take. I didn’t like the Wars of Reaving. It was probably because it was another major event that got almost zero fictional coverage – it was all sourcebook driven. As such, I didn’t identify with any of the factions well. That’s just my take. I personally like some of the homeworld clans, but I’m not sure where things ended up with everyone there.

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