Blue Dawn – ebook/Kindle Edition – Available for Presale

Preorders are up!

I’m pleased to announce that Blue Dawn, my upcoming political thriller set five years from now, is available for presale in Kindle (ebook) format from

The link (above)

The book will be available in printed form as well…it is in layout right now.  It all drops for the public on 27 July.

This book is one I have been wanting to write for a while. I finished it just prior to the election last year and was surprised at some of the things I wrote about unfolding in real-life, albeit with some real differences. This is a book that I think many conservative readers are going to want to pick up and read.  Think of this as alternate history with a twist or two you never anticipated.

It takes place five years after the violent overthrow of the US government by progressives and radical extremists.  America is gone.  A quasi-socialist nation named Newmerica sits atop the rubble of the old United States.  The winners call it ‘The Liberation,’ while those impacted by its harsher results refer to it as ‘The Fall.’  Being conservative means you are often shipped off to Social Quarantine camps – under the auspices that it is for your own safety.  Almost every edifice of the old nation has been destroyed, as evidenced on the cover of the book. 

As it turns out, you can destroy monuments…you can’t crush the American spirit. That doesn’t mean people won’t try.

It is the story of a number of people, drawn together, who realize the opportunity to restore what was ripped from them.  Those in power are unwilling to let things go back to the way they were, and are willing to do anything to hold onto the reins of the nation.  The ensemble group of characters each comes at this conflict from a different perspective – giving the reader a wonderful glimpse into the darker elements of the Newmerica society.  

It is a political thriller – with ties to the world we live in right now.  There are James Bond-ish elements to the story, as well as moments designed to tug at your patriotic heartstrings.  I really like the characters of this story, they carry it – individually and collectively. The ties to the real world are chillingly close.  I have always believed that good fiction should spark discussion, and Blue Dawn presents that.   

I will be posting some new fiction set in this universe as well as some interesting blog posts on how this story came to be.  Welcome to Newmerica – where fear trumps freedom and where demonstrating patriotism is a criminal act. 

6 thoughts on “Blue Dawn – ebook/Kindle Edition – Available for Presale

  1. Curtis Thompson

    Awesome! I look forward to reading it. Apparently, the book has caused some drama with the BT community, but you’re one of my favorite authors, so I’m definitely willing to support your work!

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