A Request to the Fans Mentioned in Divided We Fall

It’s show time!

I just received word from the Supreme Editor that they are getting ready to start the audiobooks leading up to Hour of the Wolf.  First up, is Divided We Fall

As you know, I use a lot of backers and fans in my fiction. We need to hammer out the pronunciation of some of your names for the voice talent.  How this ended up on my desk…I have no idea. But hey, I’m happy to try and get the clarity.

The ones we need pronunciations on are as follows:

  • Ervikar Vilkas – Backer (Eric Glocker)
  • Jazion Weiser – Backer (Jason Weiser)
  • Seibert – Backer (Keven Seibert)
  • Koniczek – Backer (Kristopher Tyson Koniczek)
  • Lubben’s – Backer (John Lubben)
  • Kaempen – Backer (Alex Kaempen)
  • Noorloos – Backer (Roderick Van Noorloos)
  • Pelcham – Backer (William C. Pelcham)
  • Cintron – Backer (Felipe Cintron)

If you are on the list, we need to know how your character’s name should be pronounced.  This needs to be done by 24 July 2021.  Please provide your response in the comments below – easy-peasy.  After the 24th, the voice person will do their best to get it right. 

17 thoughts on “A Request to the Fans Mentioned in Divided We Fall

  1. Martin Newhard

    Now there is a retirement gig that might be worth pursuing. Audio book reader. Any thoughts on how to get started besides making demos?

      1. Eric Glocker

        Ervikar – Air-vik-ar

        Vilkas IPA key: ˈʋʲɪlkɐs

        But Lithuanian can be a bit weird. So just in case.


        Really glad my friend saw this! I had no idea he’d already been used. I knew a non MechWarrior gig would be faster but wow! I have some reading to do.

  2. my last name cintron .. easiest way to explain how to say it. 2 words jammed together. Sin like doing the baddy stuff and tron like the movie .. sintron. as for the first name (just in case) Feh li peh (some people also misspronounce it) Fehlipeh Sintron would be a phonetic version

  3. Jeff Secrist

    William Caesar Pelcham. William Caesar PeLL-Cham. A light Germanic accent if at all. Pelchams lively hood is supported more by his affability and merchants talents than his Mechwarrior‘s skills.
    Thanks again for the Inclusion.

  4. John Lubben

    Star Commander Cymril Tseng. (simreal) would be the pronunciation for that character. My last name would be pronounced ( looben). just in case they need that.

  5. Roderick van Noorloos

    Right, that would be:

    Nor, as in ‘Norway’
    Lo, as in ‘Lo and behold!’
    And the ‘s’ gets tagged on, so Nor-Lo’s really.

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