The Launch of Blue Dawn

I’m quite pleased that this is finally out there.

Blue Dawn is my first political thriller. There was some sort of weird ‘glitch’ with Amazon and the Kindle pre-orders today with Amazon nuking all of the pre-orders. It is now available on Kindle – for immediate download.  My recommendation is to reorder it if you ordered it and Amazon cancelled your preorder. The paperback is also available right now. 

I’m quite excited about this book for many reasons. First, it is timely – this takes place five years from now in an alternate history. Second, current events drive a great deal of the plot and setting for this story. Third, as a historian, the concept of a second American Civil War is both horrifying and fascinating. Fourth, I have been working on some parts of this novel for over six years and to see it reach a satisfying fruition is exciting. Fifth, this kicks off a setting for future novels to carry the storyline forward. I have mapped out a lot of wonderful stories and characters in this new universe.

The short version summary:  It is fiction with hard ties to the real world…the core of any good political thriller.

I have been wanting to tell this kind of story…the impetus of a new American civil war, for a long time. Initially it was hard to articulate. As a published military historian, I find such conflicts compelling from a storytelling perspective. That does not mean I have a desire for such a war to start. After all, a new conflict would not look at all like the last civil war, where the dividing line was state borders. This will be far messier and more complex.

What plays out is more like the American Revolution in the south, where you have loyalists and colonists fighting each other in their own communities. People often gloss over that part of the America Revolution; when Americans faced off against each other over British control of the colonies. I found it to be a good model/concept for writing about a new civil war. In some cases state lines would factor in, but it could just as easy be a series of neighbor vs. neighbor, or rural vs. urban clashes.  

Also, our culture is different, as is the kindling that would potentially kick off a conflict. The roles of Big Tech, social media, and the mainstream media in corrupting our thinking cannot be overlooked. We saw things this last year happen so fast that people could not wrap their heads around them – which was something I wanted to capture as well in the novel. I knew I couldn’t write this book until I personally had a firm grasp on how things might look, in an alternate-reality setting. Getting that right took time.

In the end, while many people say, “If things went down, I’d pick up my gun and defend this country,” the reality is that things can unfold so quickly that kind of reaction may not be practical.

Last summer, with the pandemic, the rioting and looting that took place, the civil and social unrest, the draconian influence of Big Tech (and the mainstream media,) the overreach of authority by government – the story finally started to come together. The year 2020 was providing me the perfect platform for the story. Forced isolation, thanks to the ‘spicy virus’ (as my nurse/daughter calls it) gave me the time I needed to crack open all of the old ideas I had and pull them into a cohesive set of stories and characters. I had almost three dozen pages of ideas and notes that would ultimately find its way into this book, or others that will follow on in future novels.   

Another big driver for me to write this book was the entire cancel culture and woke movements. It is nothing less than digital mob violence and attempts to impose censorship with threats and intimidation; striking me as anti-American on many levels. One such ‘social justice warrior’ went so far as to threaten my life – before the book was even published! Suffice it to say, I felt highly motivated to ensure this book was published and I found the right publisher to do it with Defiance Press.

I finished the last draft of Blue Dawn just before the 2020 election. Strangely, some of the events that followed were already in the novel, to the point where I contacted my publisher to assure them that the attack on the Capitol was not some publicity stunt on my part. Let’s just say, there are ‘similarities,’ though the context and outcomes are quite different.

Blue Dawn has an ensemble and diverse cast of characters. I didn’t want to tell one story, but provide a lot of different perspectives of the overthrow of America and its recrafting to the progressive state of Newmerica.  While elements of this setting are dystopian, I would say that they are less that and more ‘dark and gritty.’ 

This novel is less about the setting as it is the characters. These characters drive the story…hard and fast. These are some of my favorite characters that I have created in my career, especially two of the core female characters – Charli and Caylee. This is the story of individuals who are thrust into circumstances that are often far beyond their control. All of them must cope with the strains of living in a world that has been forcibly changed, regardless of their feelings.  I think it is akin to what many readers may feel about the inflicted changes being forced on them in the real world right now as well.

This book is NOT for everyone. I will state up-front I’m a proud conservative and this book is a political thriller, so if you are not conservative, it probably isn’t going to be your fare. If you remotely think you might not like it, simply don’t buy it. That system has worked for centuries. I’m willing to bet that at least 47% of the country will find it captivating.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be writing a lot about the book in my blog, including some additional pieces of short fiction. Feel free to follow my blog if you want to keep up. There will be a book signing or two, and some other events, including next week’s Rally Against Censorship in Houston, Texas In the meantime, here’s a link to the Amazon description and cover…enjoy, and get ready. With this book, I’m giving you a glimpse of our nation from a new and frightening perspective.

Amazon Paperback

Amazon Kindle

My next post will be some free bonus fiction. 

2 thoughts on “The Launch of Blue Dawn

  1. Congratulations on the release sir. Looking forward to reading this. I’m also slightly looking forward to hearing from “those people” You know, those who will claim just publishing this book will cause them anxiety.

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