A Shout-Out to a Fellow Author – Justin Sheffield and the All Eagles Oscar Organization

Justin and me in Dallas

At the recent Rally Against Censorship, I had the opportunity to meet fellow Defiance Press author Justin Sheffield.  Justin is a former Navy Seal and the author of the book, MOB VI

Justin’s first book

In my career, I write about brave men and women, from fictional characters to real-life historical figures out of military history.  I just write about heroic people.  Justin is the real thing.  The stories he was telling were incredible and moving.

I’ll be doing a review of his book in an upcoming blog post.  From what I have read, he is an author of considerable merit.  This, however, is not about promoting books.  Today I want to draw attention to Justin’s organization, All Eagles Oscar.  While the name may sound strange, it is the callout made when all ‘eagles’ or warriors are okay and heading back to base. 

This organization helps warriors recover, rehabilitate, and transition after their time in the service. Many veterans suffer with chronic pain and the stress that this can cause, and All Eagles Oscar helps them with this transition.  You can go to their web site here – obviously I encourage you to do so:

All Eagles Oscar

Justin has committed himself to this organization and its cause. I am a person that believes in supporting noble organizations, especially those that support the veterans of our nation.  I invite you to take a few minutes and hit their web site, and if you feel inclined, make a donation to them.

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