Breaking in the Game Room – Desperate Measures

Drew, double checking the rules for our first game – which was a lopsided affair in favor of the Republic of the Sphere.

I had over one of the WolfNet gang, Drew Bethards, to inaugurate my game room.  I would have liked to open it up for a group of players, but with the whole, ‘crazy person threatening my life’ thing, I needed to be careful about who comes over. 

We played three games of the same scenario of Alpha Strike, each time refining it a little more.  We were playing the Desperate Measures scenario from the ilClan Sourcebook.  I hadn’t gotten a copy yet (I’m assured it is in the mail) but Drew had and we fought the battle of the Republic’s Old Guard against the Falcon Guard. 

We played it as Alpha Strike and we both felt that it would have been much better in Classic BattleTech.  I really wanted to play Alpha Strike because the pacing is better, especially since I was running nine Republic ‘Mechs.  We had to tweak the rules, breaking the attackers up into waves of three that had to roll an 8+ to enter the map.  When you come on at 3-1 odds right off the bat, it was devastating.  We also elongated the map to make it more of a distance slug for the attackers. We also allowed two of the Falcons to shield Malvina Hazen who was unconscious during the entire set of three games (thank Kerensky!)

The improved version – the initial rush down the field to the ring of debris protecting Malvina

It oddly worked close to fiction in the final game, with my ‘Mechs slowed down by the debris field, and piling up on top of each other to make mounds of debris.  I did kill Malvina before she could wake up, so it wasn’t purely historical.  No, I will not rewrite the novel to fit the game play. 

The pile of dead ‘Mechs in the middle kept growing, both in width and height

The bottom line is that with any printed scenario, you need to be willing to balance it so that both players have fun – which is what we did. 

We had a lot of fun talking BattleTech stuff as well as Creative Juggernaut.  Some of the debris you see on the map are half-molded Urbies we made.  Yes, the kids at Creative Juggernaut are working hard on the minis and the upcoming salvage bags, as well as some surprises in the coming months. 

Best of all, the game room is officially broken in! We had fun, talked gaming, and rocked out some miniature carnage. 

4 thoughts on “Breaking in the Game Room – Desperate Measures

  1. Damian J. Henderson

    You should try to run a Strategic Battleforce or Abstract Combat System for an epic style game where strategy and tactics outweigh equipment.

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